Building the Tomica Limited Vintage Shell Service Station Tomicarama…

We have said in the past that whenever we receive another package from Japan Booster it is like Christmas all over again.

We got a double dose in December, when a package full of these goodies arrived just a couple of days before Christmas:

In it were the new Daihatsu Delta Vans (one pictured), the North American Nissan IDx Nismo (not pictured), the 1955 Toyota Crown (one pictured), and two Shell-themed treasures, the Hino Tanker and Tomicarama Service Station.

It was that Tomicarama that really had our attention.  If you are not familiar with these, they are playsets made by Tomica Limited Vintage, made to look as vintage as the little cars they produce.

There was no time to do anything with them, since they arrived right before we were leaving for a little family rendezvous.  But considering we would have time while visiting the in-laws, we threw a few things in the already packed car and took them with us.

One lazy afternoon my daughter and I had a few minutes, so we decided to put together the Shell Station, and take a few photos with the trusty iPhone while we did it.  Of course I couldn’t stop taking pics, so some of these are there too.

Yeah, Grandma and Grandpa’s kitchen table may not be the best-themed background, but that is what we had.  We hope you can still enjoy the pics and not crave a decorative bowl of fruit too badly…

The set:

This comes with an exclusive Subaru Sambar Truck:

The pieces:


Time to put it to good use:

The fabulous Hino Tanker:

Nissan DR30 Skyline:

Nissan Laurel:

Toyota Crown:

Daihatsu Delta:

Nissan Cedric:

Toyota Crown Taxi:

Subaru Sambar:

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