Tomica Limited Vintage: The TLV Nissan GT-R Nismo and N-Attack have been unveiled, and the December batch is now out at Japan Booster…

While we really enjoy previewing new Hot Wheels, especially models like the VW Caddy, we are always the most giddy about new Tomica Limited Vintage.

We know TLV isn’t for everyone, whether because they do mostly vintage, and sometimes obscure, Japanese cars, or maybe because of the cost (although Japan Booster has made it easier than ever for overseas collectors to get their hands on them).  But we, like many, have fallen victim to the allure of TLV, and it happens to anyone who starts collecting them.

So when new models are out, we love to show them.  And TLV has released two brand new and one modified casting this month, and has also previewed two upcoming models.

Let’s start with the upcoming models.  Thanks to our friends at 829 Japan, we have the first complete images of the upcoming Nissan GT-R Nismo and N-Attack models.

What is there not to love with these?  If you not a fan of the GT-R, fine.  But if you are, you have to agree that these are easily the best 1:64 versions we have ever seen.  It seems no one can get the GT-R right in small-scale, even Tomica themselves in the Limited line.  But these?  Look at the detail.  If you were to show these photos to anyone they would assume they were looking at the photos of the real thing.

We will go more into detail on these when we have them in hand, which will be February for the Nismo and March for the N-Attack.  We will make sure you know the second Japan Booster has them available for purchase.

And speaking of Japan Booster, they have three new models in stock from the TLV December batch.  The much-anticipated North American version of the Nissan IDx Nismo is finally out, as are two new castings, the vantastic Daihatsu Delta Wide Wagon (love the colors!) and classic 1955 Toyopet Crown.  It is cool to see a model of what was happening in Japan at the same time the ’55 Chevy was hitting showrooms.  Another reason we love TLV.  All of them are on their way to us for First Looks, but here they are available for purchase now.  Just click on the links:

Nissan IDx Nismo North American Show Edition

Daihatsu Delta Widebody in brown and gold:

1955 Toyopet Crown

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