December 12th Matchbox Ambassador Report, by Larry Scaduto…

Yes, it is December 15th, but this came in from Larry late Friday, so we saved it until today so everyone who wanted to read it would see it.

Ambassador’s Report December 12th, 2014
By: Larry Scaduto

Happy Holiday’s!!! In this week’s report I’m covering a lot of information as I always do. I’m starting out with a Supreme Heroes Fire Engine. This time I didn’t make you wait till the end. The Mack B is awesome!!!!!  Next up will be a section for Sky Buster lovers and after that a nice selection of articles that I hope you will find interesting and fun to read. Check out the YouTube video of the unboxing of Batch N as well. It’s always a pleasure to add this to my reports. 


Supreme Heroes 1963 Mack B Model Fire Engine
This is a fantastic version of the Mack B with the Albuquerque Fire Department proudly displayed on the hood of the engine. This is really nice with the red rimmed wheels.

It’s time to show a little more love to our Sky Buster Collector’s with a nice selection of 2015 releases that are sure to please……..
We start out first with SB100 Blade Force 2015 singles release
Here we have the Sky Buster Boeing F15 Eagle will be included in the 2015 Mission Force Military pack.
Next we have a Boeing F18 Super Hornet which is a singles release.

Subsonic Interceptor 

Here we have a new casting for 2015. It is MB978 Meter Maid
And we now have the Blockade Buster with new deco for the 2015 singles
What we have next is a revised version of the Food Truck for 2015. The first version never made it into production. The red deco is brighter and black outline was added to the food area on the other side of the truck. The first versions are pictured below.

  • Will Matchbox be available in Brazil sometime soon? No.
  • What will be the projected price range of the Supreme Heroes Collection? $2.99
  • How many Sky Busters were re-branded for Hot Wheels? 9 models
  • Will the HW versions have different tampo printing then its Matchbox counterpart? No.
  • Will Matchbox & Hot Wheels have the same model out at the same time? Or are the molds being handed over so only they can use them? No, the availability will be staggered somewhat. Tools will stay in Matchbox. 
  • Will the HW versions of Sky Busters be available in the US?  I don’t believe so.
  • Will the 2015 Basic Core Line have blister cards that identify them as 1st Editions? No. The package Copyright is the identifier and the illustration layout will differ for 2015. Carry over items will continue to have the grey color band
  • Any chance of doing a bumper sticker ever again? More than likely.
  • When will the 2014 Poster be on the website? I will try to confirm this.
  • When will the website receive all the new information that was promised? We don’t have an answer yet.
  • Since the line has a nice selection of farm vehicles…. Are there any thoughts on making a Combine Harvester? No. The combine attachment is the issue.  Given the package size restriction it’s very hard to make a good version of this type of vehicle in the basic line, that’s why we did it in Real Working Rigs instead.
  • Can Matchbox consider making more cars & trucks with tow hooks and also modify the ’72 Bronco to get rid of the tow hook? We like to keep our options open when it comes to tow hooks. If it makes sense to add one, we will. We do have to be mindful of the overall vehicle length when a tow hook is added however. We have no plans to remove the Bronco’s tow hook.
All images and articles are presented here with the consent and permission of Mattel and the Matchbox Team.

I’m featuring the No. 9 Fiat Abarth in this week’s report. The brown model is an earlier version.  The reason for this is noted below where I’ve pictured the both bases.  On the white model the decoration is hand applied labels and letters. If you noticed the model says Matchbox Team. The final production model had the word Team omitted. The stripes have been slowly peeling off over time. 

Here are the bases of both Fiats’. The top version is from the brown model. There is no number on the base, just No# without the 9! When you compare bases you will notice the white model has an extra support running from front to back behind the wheels. As with the above model, there is an incomplete No# as well. So what I have here is two versions of a Fiat that even at this stage hadn’t been giving its place in the lineup. There is glue visible on the lower base just behind the wheels. This was a salesman’s sample that was stuck down to a display that he carried around to prospective vendors. It was kind of like a tool chest with drawers that pulled out with the models glued to the bottom. Got to love the simplicity of the 80’s!!!!!

Above are the first Roadways from around 1962. The ones below are from around 1968.
After doing some research on these Roadways, it seems these were issued in around 1963.
I do remember as a kid having all 4 of the Roadways from the center picture. I of course, did not keep these layouts in their original packaging. I opened them, set them up and used them till they fell apart. It goes to show you don’t need an elaborate setup to keep a child amused for hours. The above selection of Roadways is from the Steve Gloss Collection. He, on the other hand didn’t open his sets. If there is any missing that you can think of, please let me know so I can tell him he had better save his money and start searching again!!! You’re welcome, Steve!!
Today…Big Lots! is the place to go for new models! I found just about all of Batch M there and it was nice to find something new in my area stores. I know Batch N is showing up elsewhere and I’ll have pictures posted here when I do find them. And 2015 models are not far behind!! But this is what I picked up…

Here is the latest YouTube video from RaceGrooves…..The unboxing of the 2014 Batch N Case!
Once again a big thank you goes out to Mark Kasimoff for his always informative video.

2012 Ford Focus
2012 Mazda CX5
2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat
2015 Mustang Rocket
Audi A9
2015 Chrysler 300 Hellcat
2012 Volvo s60 Polest
Bedford Water Truck
Bentley SUV

In this section I’m featuring the collection of fellow collector Marcel Bakker. He has some really nice counter displays from the mid 60’s. His quest was to populate his displays with the same models that were pictured in the UK Trade Catalog from the years 1964 – 1966. And from the pictures you can see he did a fantastic job! First are the pics of his collection and next he was kind enough to send scans from the actual trade catalogs as well. If you have a unique way of displaying your collection just contact me, send me pictures and a story to go along with it and you might be included in an upcoming report. Thank you Marcel!!!!

Need to reach me??? The best way to contact me is my e-mail

3 Replies to “December 12th Matchbox Ambassador Report, by Larry Scaduto…”

  1. I haven't liked the Supreme Heroes wheels until now. They really look good on the Model B, and they really make the Model B look good.

    I'm glad to see the Blade Force again. I like that helicopter, even if it is a “Matchbox Original” version of a real helicopter (S-64 Skycrane). Somehow the blades look shorter to me in this picture than they do on the previous releases, but maybe that's just the angle of the picture.

    I'm not sold on the liveries of the F15 or the F18, but I do like the colors on the Subsonic Interceptor. Then again, since I don't typically collect fighter jets, that probably doesn't matter.

    The Meter Maid looks like it will be a fun vehicle. As with other police-related vehicles, there are quite a few opportunities for city-specific licensed liveries. There's a three-wheeler very similar to this one that patrols the streets around the Missouri state capitol–I'd love to see its livery on the Meter Maid. I'll try to find my picture of that one and submit it. The initial livery is nice and universal, and should be a good starting point for the model.

    One of the answered questions referred to a Matchbox bumper sticker. I'd put one on my car.

  2. I'm not being a saddo here but the only thing that really interests me from this report if the Mack B firetruck. Nothing else is interesting. The Sky Busters are okay but nobody buys them, and the generic models are just pure boring. A hyper-active child put be dead asleep within 3 minutes after watching any of these models. They really are that pointless. Anyway, I'm stop gloating and move to the next section. I'm happy that some of my models made it again! Its the Focus and CX5 that I want to see made the most.. Finally, those “sales aid” posters or whatever they are at the end are awesome! Its just screaming 60's all over. And those displays are epic as well. Wish I had one of them!

  3. The collection with the counter display pictures is absolutely awesome. I loves me some regular wheel-era Lesney stuff. Some of the best posts at Lamley, indeed.

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