Hot Wheels JDM Update: The Datsun 240Z’s Then & Now counterpart, and more pics of the RX-7…

A quick update from some of the stuff that has come across the desk:

We figured the Hot Wheels Nissan 370Z would be the “Now” to the Datsun 240Z’s “Then” in the Then & Now Series, and it can now be confirmed:

It looks to have the same color interior as the 240Z, as well as a similar light blue stripe.  It isn’t nearly as detailed as the 240Z, and it is always a shame that the unique headlights and tail lights aren’t tampo’d.  But one will surely join the Lamley Collection.

Also, more pics of what may be the best version of the Mazda RX-7 so far:

Some might not be too fond of the blue windows, but other than that, this model is fantastic.  Great colors and vintage racing design.

We are also hearing rumors of another brand new Hot Wheels casting that many of you will like.  It is definitely hopping out of right field, but picks up where many other cool models have left off.  Watch for it soon…

8 Replies to “Hot Wheels JDM Update: The Datsun 240Z’s Then & Now counterpart, and more pics of the RX-7…”

  1. I quite like the 370Z! The color and design is nice but the wheels are crap. They need to discontinue those wheels for god's sake. The Mazda on the other hand it looking fantastic! Great color, great livery and very neat execution. Its a winner! I can't wait to get my hands on these. And I'm quite interested in the new casting. What is it? Honda? Nissan? Toyota? Mazda? I want to see it!

  2. that 370Z seems very odd to be put alongside the great 240Z. I was really excited to see what the Now car would be, but this looks just… off. Horrible wheels, different deco… Reminds me of the oddity that was the Then and Now Corvette Stingrays in 2014.

  3. The best rx7 casting is the silver T-hunt version. The newer yellow one from 2014-15 is second. I hate when they do the racecar tampo and paint jobs on the classic and modern JDM cars. I wish they would do more of those to look like the OEM car.

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