Those wheels though! The Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Seibu Keisatsu Super Z…

Some more TLV to feature while the Cyber Week Sale is going on at Japan Booster:

Unless you grew up in Japan, the Seibu Keisatsu TV Series means nothing to you.  Same here.  But even without ever watching an episode, Tomica Limited Vintage is making sure I am familiar with it now.

The Seibu Keisatsu series from TLV just released Volume 16, which is another version of the Super Z.  The Super Z from the series is modified version of the Fairlady Z, complete with gullwing glass doors and guns strapped to the hood.  There are two versions, Volume 4 and Volume 16.  The Volume 16 version is apparently the bad guy-made “imposter” version that, as is the fate with most of the cars in the series, eventually blew up.  We have no idea what the differences are from the Volume 4 good-guy version, but sometime in the future we will figure that out.

Nonetheless, most of you don’t have to care about that.  As we have said with the Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment line, we care less about the movies and TV shows these models came from, and more about the fact that the cars themselves are in small scale.  Same with Seibu Keisatsu.  We can’t claim we know of its true significance in Japanese popular culture, but we can say we love the fact that it has inspired TLV to make some tremendous models, like three modified DR30 Skylines, several cop cars and sedans with mag and lace wheels, and many more.  The Lamley TLV collection is littered with Seibu Keisatsu models, and many fall among our favorite TLV’s.

Same goes with the Z.  Yeah, the gullwing doors are cool, especially on a Fairlady Z, and guns are goofy.  But those wheels!  Tomica Limited Vintage is committed to stock wheels on the models they produce, whether they be mags, hubcaps, or steelies.  But if the model they are producing is sitting on SSR Star Sharks, by golly they are going to make them.  And for you JDM guys, that may be the thing that makes this model worth getting.

JDMers love the Star Sharks, but getting them in 1:64 scale has been difficult to say the least.  Aoshima has done some, but not to the level the Tomica Limited Vintage can.  Just check them out:

Maybe a little closer:

For 1:64 scale, that is fantastic.  I am sure a few customizers out there could find plenty of uses for these.  Who knows if we have spent a lot of time on TLV wheels, but they are worth looking at.  Just use the 260 and 280 Z’s as an example.  Focus on the wheels:

Sure, you can do more in 1:18 scale, but these are smaller than Hot Wheels cars.  Reason #1175 that we love Tomica Limited Vintage.

And go ahead, look at the rest of the model.  This one is a gem.  And it is available at Japan Booster, along with several other Fairlady Z’s.

Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Seibu Keisatsu Volume 16 Super Z:

All four TLV 280Z 2×2 (minus Seibu Keisatsu Volume 4):

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  1. I can tell you the differences between the Volume 4 and Volume 16 Super Z's

    (1)- The license plate words are different. On this model the fonts on top of the 4 numbers 35-27 say '品川33', translated into Shinagawa 33, a typical code used for the bad guys' vehicles in the show. The Volume 4 Super Z's license plate fonts are '品川59'

    (2)- Look closely at the side trim that says 'Fairlady 280Z'. On Daimon's car this side trim is removed to try to have people guessing what particular type of Z was used to build the car.

    (3)- Being obviously a bad guys' car, the Volume 16 Super S does not come equipped with the red bubble light in the middle, unlike Daimon's Super Z.

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