Surprise!! Hot Wheels 2015 Batch C is now out at Wheel Collectors…

A quick message to let our readers know that Hot Wheels 2015 Batch C is now out.  Our friends at Wheel Collectors got a nice shipment in today, full of C cases, and it has that cool AE86 Corolla we’ve been waiting for.

There are plenty of others as well, and you can see them all at the link below:

Hot Wheels 2015 Batch C

Take a look at let us know what you are after, and grab a few from Wheel Collectors before they run out.  Even better, pair the C Case models you want with items from the Lamley Holiday Sale that Wheel Collectors is still running.  Seems like a good time to buy.

Full C Case Opening Report coming tomorrow, so be sure to check back…

3 Replies to “Surprise!! Hot Wheels 2015 Batch C is now out at Wheel Collectors…”

  1. That stupid slant nose on the Viper! Could've been a great casting, but the slant nose ruins it. Also hate the wheel choice on the Bentley. They pick the worst wheel for the best castings, like the blue Gallardo and the blue 458 spyder in 2013.

  2. The Dodge…then SRT…then Dodge again Viper? And then they release the car just in time for Dodge to cancel their Viper racing program. What a mess.
    That slant nose is just like the Lotus Evora GT4. Not sure why they do that….ruins a great casting for sure.

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