Just Unveiled: A new 2015 livery for the Hot Wheels Mazda RX-7, and a recolor of the Datsun 620…

Alright, we will spare you the hints and just get to it.

We have to think a brand new JDM casting is in the works for 2015, but we have heard nothing yet.  Something like the Mazda Cosmo, RX3, a Datsun Roadster, Celica Supra, or even a new Skyline seems logical, but Mattel always surprises.  We will just wait and see.

But Hot Wheels is by no means ignoring the Japanese brands.  We have seen the 620, 240Z and Mad Manga already, the AE86 Super and Honda Civic are coming, and we know of another popular model that will reemerge next year in new clothes.

And we have two more that have made themselves known.  The Mazda RX-7 will return in 2015, sporting a nice race-themed deco:

This is the second time the RX-7 is white, after the First Edition was recolored white as a Kroger Exclusive a few years ago.  This one should be a lot easier to find than the Kroger model.

Also, the Datsun 620 returns with its 2015 deco, only this time in yellow:

While the green still takes the top spot from our perspective, the bright colors of the yellow really stand out.  The 620 is really looking good this year.  Not that it looked bad last year.  Ok, the 620 is on a 2-year hot streak.  Better?

This should tide us over nicely until the next new model is announced…

8 Replies to “Just Unveiled: A new 2015 livery for the Hot Wheels Mazda RX-7, and a recolor of the Datsun 620…”

  1. While I love both of these models, I'm not fond of either one's color. The Datsun especially, was absolutely fantastic in its previous colors. They were so good that this one seems a bit “off”. It may appeal to others but not me. I still hold the debut versions as my favourite. The RX7, though, looks nice. Blue and gold vinyls on a pearl white body look nice. The gold-lipped wheels and the blue windows make it even better! Between the 620 and the 7, I would say the 7 looks better. But anyway, enough with that. I'm more excited to know what the new model for 2015 would be! Nissan? Toyota? Mazda? I don't know. I have no freaking idea. Let's just wait and see!

  2. Very excited for these new recolors. But a recolor I really want, and can't believe there hasn't been another one since the black version, is the Hakosuka.

  3. This is exactly what I was going to type but did not as the discussion was not about the Skyline. A full black Hakosuka like the one from Fast Five. We really need that. Hot Wheels, are you listening?

  4. A new treasure hunt just been unveiled and it's a licensed model which is volkswagen beetle in pink. Does mattel start to bring licensed regular treasure hunt again ? What do you guys think ?

  5. I love all the attention the FC RX-7 gets, but I'd also love to get a clean FD version. I have the 24/7 and realize it's an FD with bits added on but I think pushing out the FC over and over is getting old.

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