The latest Matchbox 10-packs are now out in the UK, including two new exclusives. A First Look by David Tilley…

The UK is not always the first place to get new Matchbox stuff, but I was rather surprised to see the latest two 10-packs for sale at Tesco.  Even better, Tesco are currently running a buy one, get one half price offer.  

These usually tend to turn up in USA first, and usually as a 9-pack.  In the US, Matchbox has shrunk the pack contents and hidden the gap by increasing the picture bottom left to cover up the space attributed to the bottom left model.  The egg carton inside still has 10 spaces on it, and this is because they use the pack on all sets regardless of whether it is a 9-pack or a 10-pack.  It is just the outer package that has a small picture at the bottom of the exclusive model  and a 10th model, or a large picture and only 9 models.
Included in these 2 packs are the last 2 of the exclusive models.  The first pack contains the first model that was also used elsewhere.  All the other 7 models (Opel Frogster, Batmobile, Morgan Aeromax, Ford F-100 Panel Truck, Type 34 Karmann Ghia Convertible, GMC Wrecker and the Porsche Boxster in the other set released here) have not been used at all this year (and in most cases not for a good few years), but the Ford Superlift is not only found here.
It is also a part of the basic range in red.
But all the same, this is a really nice addition to the 9/10-pack series and we are sure there will be many collectors trying to get a hold of this one.
Under that exclusive model is a rather unusual looking Turn Tamer.
Shown on the right next to the basic range issue you may notice the wheels are smaller.  This was not an error as all the sets at this store had the same small wheels on the Turn Tamer.
A close up of the wheels.  Now this could end up being a UK only variation, as when these turn up in USA they could have been run at a different time and have the correct wheels on them.  It does make the model look a little odd.  But it is a cool little error style variation for those of us who want to try and get everything.
The other pack contains the first Porsche Boxster in 8 years.
This is a beautiful little version of the casting, and considering how long the model has been around, it still looks pretty crisp and fresh.  Okay it may be the older style Porsche Boxster, but considering how little Porsche change their vehicles when they update them anyway many will not even notice.
The model is shown here with the debut release from 1999 and the last variation, the 2006 5-pack model.  On a personal note, as a huge Porsche fan, I am really happy to see this casting again.  I like that they throw us some recent castings dusted off and used in realistic liveries.  

These last 2 pictures show us the pre-El Segundo versions and post El Segundo versions of the casting.  
These sets should appear soon (minus the model in the bottom left slot) in USA.

3 Replies to “The latest Matchbox 10-packs are now out in the UK, including two new exclusives. A First Look by David Tilley…”

  1. These sets have been here at least a couple months now, I saw them in Magic Mart, for about $11. But, since I'm in the US, packs here won't contain the Trail Tracker or Pit King

    Just by going by my list, I'm going to need at least these two, plus some in other packs not shown here. It's a good thing that these packs contain some of the more desirable models that were normally available as singles, but I never saw as a single, plus these packs expose me to models I wouldn't have bought as a single, but have later led me to buy other versions afterwards. This is will be the third year in a row I've had to buy a ten pack to get the models on my list. 2012 was the Ford F-350 SEMA Superlift, 2013 was the Fire Jeep, Ford Interceptor Demo, and the F-550 MBFD. This year when I get the packs, it will be the Charger Boone County, F-550 ARFF, F-350 generic deco, lifeguard Tacoma, and lifeguard Jeep, plus the logging dozer, Porsche, military dune buggy and a few others.

  2. Dose this Fire truck have metal in it? Because they ruined the the International Brush truck! I'm on a mission now, I stood behind MB for using some plastic but after buying the plastic tanker no more. That model and I'm sure the Brush truck are embarrassing to the line and should be to Mattel! Not to mention they are a hazard to children. I would never buy these for my kids. These things with enough weight applied WILL explode into peices. This may cause laceration, eye injuries or ingestion of small peices that break off. Don't know who's idea thos was but it was an EXTREMELY BAD ONE! Like I said I backed their use before but this is to much and potentially dangerous.

  3. Metal body, with plastic roll cage and base.

    I don't see how these could “explode,” it's too heavy plastic to do that, it's not Bakelite, which tends to shatter worse than glass. I had a ton of plastic toys when I was little, most survive.

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