Happy Halloween from the Lamley Group…

I am bah-humbug when it comes to Halloween.  I don’t dress up, don’t feel the need to go to over-the-top parties, and my “get off my lawn!” codger-isms rev up to full throttle.

That is until I decided to give mini cars away.

I still won’t dress up, and I don’t have time to go to parties, because our once-ignored house is hopping on Halloween night.  Kids have historically avoided our house because it sits on a fairly steep hill.  It seems kids don’t think the climb is worth it.

They do now.  The word got out last year that we were giving away cars, and apparently the anticipation is high that we will do the same this year.  And we are, and we are giving them away via track.  We decided to put it out on the driveway and have the kids park it at the end, where their car will fly down the track and hop into a basket where they will retrieve it.  And of course they can do another run down the track themselves.  Mix in a fire pit and pizza, and we think it should be a dandy time for all.

My daughter and I did a test run the other night, just to prepare:

It isn’t elaborate, but it is fun.  The cars will travel about 30 feet.  We plan on adding a few glowsticks to make it easier to see.

So yes, I kind of like Halloween now.  The neighborhood kids love it, the parents like that their kids get at least one less piece of candy, and I get to thin out the collection.

We assume a few of you are doing the same thing.  We would love it if you shared some photos with us, either on the Lamley Facebook page or Instagram (tag #lamleyhalloween).  If we get a few we will share them here on the blog.

Happy Halloween…

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