First Look: The logo cars of Hot Wheels Batch B, the Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR & Ford Shelby GT500…

When we received Hot Wheels Batch B from Wheel Collectors last week, two models looked an awful lot alike.

They actually make a nice pair.  Two American monsters, in white, with orange and black deco.  And both sporting the logos of two well-known auto-related names, one new and one old.  K&N Air Filters have been around forever, and Speedhunters has become one of the end-alls for car features online.

We start with the Shelby.  It isn’t just a Hot Wheels model with the K&N logo on it, like the Torino from a few years ago, and a few others.  This is actually based on a real car:

Hot Wheels ’10 Ford Shelby GT500 (2015 Mainline):

Next, the Viper.  We have always liked this casting, and there have been several great versions in the last few years, some not too easy to find.  This version is probably our least favorite, for two main reasons.  One, it doesn’t share the design of the real ACR.  Even the green holiday version had remnants of the ACR design, even if it did include holiday stars.  Second, the casting has fallen victim to the metal spoiler, which looks clunky compared to its previous version in plastic.  We know now that all the models with a plastic spoiler will go metal, and sometimes it doesn’t bother at all, other times it is actually an improvement, and others it detracts.  This one isn’t horrible on its own, but not great compared to the plastic spoiler.

The model still looks good, it just probably won’t enter the collection alongside the others.  Looks nice next to the Mustang though…

Hot Wheels Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR (2015 Mainline):

Alongside last year’s Speedhunters Camaro:

Some of our favorite Viper ACR models from year’s past:

2010 New Models

2010 New Models

2011 Easter

2012 Cars of the Decades (which seems to be hard-to-find)

2012 Multipack

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