Lamley Case Report: Opening a Hot Wheels 2015 International B Case…

Are there any Hot Wheels collectors here who don’t like opening a case?  For most of us that doesn’t happen often.  Kmart seems to the place where most of us have the best chance, and there is that rare moment when you walk in a store and a sealed case is waiting for you to break open.

That isn’t the case with hobby dealers like Wheel Collectors.  Every month a shipment comes in, and out comes the box-cutter and the slicing begins.  Multiple cases are opened and the models organized for online sale.  It may not be as fun as the random store find, but Matt and the gang do get a kick out of opening them each month, just to see what they find.

Well we wanted to get in on the action.  We have been doing case reports here at Lamley for a few months now, mainly on US case releases, and the response has been definitive – keep ’em coming.  We are really glad you like them.

So for 2015 we are going to continue our US-case openings, but we want to open International cases too, especially since they are usually released before the US cases.  To do that we asked Wheel Collectors to put one case aside, and when they have a moment to document its opening, 3 models by 3 models, just like we do here at Lamley.

They thought that would be cool, and the B Case is the first time they did it for us.  And we think you might enjoy going through the case just like they did.

So here is our first International Case Report for 2015, and look for the US Case report as soon as they are released.

And remember, all the models shown here are available at the Wheel Collectors ebay store


The case:


(Treasure Hunt Alert)

(The next 36)

(Super TH Alert)

There you have it.  A couple of observations:

  • The new models like the Lotus and Dodge Charger 500 held over, which if I remember correctly hasn’t happened before.  Usually first runs of a new model stay in one batch only.  We will have to see if that stays true in the US cases.
  • The new models that interest us the most are the Corvette and Lamborghini.  We will do First Looks on those in the coming days.
  • This appears to be the decent regular TH, and the Super is growing on us.  Hopefully we have an example to see in person soon.  It isn’t bound to be the most popular for sure, but in that new racing livery the Rrroadster looks good.

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  1. Thanks for showing, I was tempted to purchase a case and now I am very glad I didn't. Again the international cases seem to favour carrying over the previous case cars rather than adding more of the new to the case cars – only 1 of the new models.

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