Wagon Wednesday: Hot Wheels Slick Rides ’69 Volkswagen Variant Squareback…

Did you think we forgot about Wagon Wednesday?  Nope.

But we didn’t want to jump into another monster wagon post after showing one of our favorites, the Matchbox Olds Vista Cruiser, last week.  So the MB Audi RS6 Avant, or Auto World Land Yachts, or TLV Skyline Wagons, will have to wait.  Instead we will throw in a little curveball.

Let’s go from the boat-like Vista Cruiser right to the cute little Squareback.  And instead of going into the history of the Type 3 VW in wagon form, we will just lament how poorly this casting has been used by Hot Wheels since its introduction.

VW’s illicit so much passion among certain car collectors, and I would have to think the Squareback is a VW-nut fave.  And that may have been what let to its creation as a Hot Wheels car.  We don’t have a Hako without Jun Imai, an EF Civic without Ryu Asada, and we don’t have a Squareback without _________ (someone help us fill in the blank.  We have no idea).

So this tremendous Variant is made, and it debuts with a Koni livery in the 2010 Slick Rides series (all models sported an auto-themed licensed logo).  And both models look fantastic.  Blue and white on steelies, and black and grey on GT wheels.  VW collectors had to be excited about what the future would bring.  Especially since Hot Wheels then released the Brasilia, giving collectors two mini VW Wagons to pursue.

But since then?  Two models in the Garage series, sporting two awful decos, and three more lost among the Pop Culture regulars, hawking products like Peep’s and Jolly Ranchers, and promoting Donald Duck.


Since the Slick Rides debut, this fantastic casting hasn’t gotten a place to shine.  Time to change that. Put it in the mainline, make it a Super, or add it to the Heritage line.  This models deserves its due.  It’s a wagon for heaven’s sake, and wagons need lots of love.  Stop ignoring this one…

(The Variant Squareback can be found on ebay, and at the Delta, Utah Alco.  I should pick them up…)

Hot Wheels Custom ’69 Volkswagen Variant (2010 Slick Rides):

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