As is the Custom, Part 1: The cambered customs of 78toy4dr, available today at JCCS…

Should we address this absence of As is the Custom on Lamley lately?


We are very aware we haven’t posted one in awhile, but we are ready to get back into the swing of things.  If you have submitted some customs, we promise we have them.  We are reviewing them now, and should start a run of several epic As is the Customs in the coming days.  Of course at the moment, JCCS and an accompanying family trip will make that a little difficult, but trust us when we say next week will be custom-heavy.

In the meantime, we wanted to show you these customs from our good friend Chris from the ABQ.  He has gained quite a following on Instagram showing his customs under the name @78toy4dr with his signature cambered and stretched wheels (and they roll!), and we have showcased his work several times here as well.  We were even lucky enough to add one of his pieces to the Lamley collection after meeting Chris at the Matchbox Gathering last July.

Well you can too if you are attending JCCS tomorrow.  Chris has made some special JDM-themed customs specifically for the event, and they will be available for purchase at Jeff Koch’s diecast tent.  (And if you have attended JCCS in the past, you know about Jeff’s tent.  It is the most mobbed tent of the whole event.  This year is bound to be no different.  We have already seen what he has…)

Chris’s work is as clean in person as it appears on photos, and these are sure to be popular.  So get to the tent early before they are gone.  And if you are not attending, consider this a showcase of more work from one Lamley’s favorites.

Thanks Chris.

5 Replies to “As is the Custom, Part 1: The cambered customs of 78toy4dr, available today at JCCS…”

  1. Promises promises.. Lets see if you keep your word this time round? or will you be playing with the dog again 🙂

    looking forward to a custom heavy week, YEA!!!

  2. Talk about holding a grudge!! hahahahaha 😀

    On 18 August 2014 on facebook, Lamley group -> “The reason there was no As is the Custom on Lamley today. Been playing with our new dog Edith all day. Look for As is the Custom later…”

    Then it didn't come…. or maybe it did, can't remember hahahahaha 😀

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