JCCS Week: The four Japanese cars of 2015 Hot Wheels Batch A…

This was a bit convenient.  As we prepare for JCCS by going all Japanese this week, Hot Wheels has released the first batch of 2015, and it is wonderfully Japan-heavy.

2 Nostalgics, 2 licensed, 2 unlicensed, 1 Honda, 1 Datsun, 1 bososoku, and 1 almost-HiAce.  No new models, just new decos.  And guess what?  They look nice.

The Mad Manga doesn’t hit the level of its previous versions, but the other three do.  We have already featured the Datsun 620, but we are happy to reiterate that it will be very hard for future versions to surpass the looks of this one, although we hope Mattel tries.  We also love the new Hot Wheels Racing livery on the HiAce-inspired Vanster, which mirrors the recently-released Ford Transit Connect.

But the surprise is the Acura.  The new NSX is a very nice looking model, but it never really stuck out compared to other sports cars.  Until this version in yellow.  The center stripe in black over yellow is sleek, and finally makes this model a winner.  It was an afterthought when we ordered it from Wheel Collectors, but we are glad we did.

Nothing beats the Datsun, but this is a fine batch j-tin to start off the new Hot Wheels year…

(And you can find them all at Wheel Collectors…)

Hot Wheels 2015 Batch A:

Mad Manga

Datsun 620

Acura NSX


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