First Look: Tomica Limited Vintage Hino/Antico Car Transporter…

This is what was waiting for me when I returned home from work yesterday:

That is a large package from Japan, which essentially means Christmas has come again, as it seems to every month now.  Another order of Tomica Limited Vintage has arrived from our good friends at Japan Booster.

We have been excited to get this one, especially because we would finally have the brand new Isuzu 117 in hand, and we could get our mitts on that crazy cool Car Transporter that we have heard so much about.  The items were, as always, perfectly packaged:

And right away we were opening the contents.  And as far as first impressions go, the Transporter is huge:

It took seconds for us to realize how cool both the Isuzu 117‘s and Transporter were, so we thought we would get right to featuring them.  And we will start with the Transporter.  (117’s will kick off JCCS Week next week.)

Before we do, this seems like a good place to remind you that Tomica Limited Vintage likes to stay true to scale, so if you are going to have a 5-car transporter, it was to be one that will fit five cars true to their 1:64 scale.  So this thing is huge.  And alas, it is so big we can’t stretch it out in our photo studio for full pics.  So we are making due with what we’ve got.  We need a bigger boat.

This is the second version of the Transporter, but we guess it won’t be the last.  Despite its hefty price tag, the first version was gobbled up in Japan, and is now fetching high prices on the secondary market, and the second is doing the same thing.  We thought it prudent to get one while it was new and at its cheapest, so we bit, and we are glad we did.

The truck is fantastic.  Our first question was about the trailer.  Is it plastic?  How well do the moving parts work?  We are happy to report the trailer made entirely of metal.  Old school to the tilt to be honest, just like the all metal toys of years ago.  And the parts work exceptionally well.  They go where they are supposed to go, and fit where they are supposed to fit.  Of course they should, but that is not always the case with toys these days.

As a result, I was less a collector last night as I opened the truck and more my 8-year-old self.  I could not stop playing with my new toy.  Realism the way only TLV can do, but with total playability.  I’m a huge fan.  It may have cost a lot, but it is as good as 1:64 gets.

With all the buzz about Datsun Wagons and Hakosukas and everything else, it is what TLV is doing that really gives us a feel for nostalgic Japanese Autos.  This is what they looked like back then, whether it be the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, or even the 90’s.  It is toys as a history lesson.  Add the Transporter to that mental image of what the roads around Japan looked like.

So with limited photo studio space, and with other TLV models lying around, how about we start by using those new TLV Isuzu 117‘s and a few others lying around to drive up onto the Transporter?  Sounds good to us.  It just means more playtime.

Have we mentioned how much we like this model?  Enjoy the pics…

Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Hino HE366 Tractor & Antico ASZ022 Car Transporter:

The all-metal trailer:

Isuzu 117 #1:

Isuzu 117 #2:

Isuzu 117 #3:

Here is where we ditched any regard for chronological order and just added and removed models as we saw fit.  Bear with us.

Datsun Fairlady Roadster:

Honda CR-X:

Honda out, Porsche 911 in:

Ready to go:

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