Lamley Case Report: Opening a 2014 Hot Wheels US Q Case…

Two case reports in two days.  That means we have added 144 cars to our stash.  We will keep a few, but that means Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City has a lot more cars coming…

With Batch Q being part of the Kmart cases, and 2015 Batch A showing up in Australia, we figure it is a matter of days before the Q Case Zamac bins hit Walmart.  Our guess is by this time next week they will have been reported found.

But in the meantime, we just received our Q Case from Grana Toys (2015 A Case Pre-Orders coming soon!), and we thought we would give our readers an idea of what to expect.  Of course, all these models have been seen before, but at least you can see what kind of numbers to expect.  Or, it will all be moot because the Zamacs will take up space and leave some models out.

Oh well, you can just follow along and see if we get something cool.

As always, here is the case as we open it and pull the models 3-by-3.


Fresh from Grana Toys:


Uh-oh, some models didn’t get properly packed, let’s just hope they are not the…


The next 36:

So no Super, but I won’t fret, as my Kday case came through on that front.  No Regular either, but once again I already have too many by way of Kdays.

Also happy to see the two new castings, the Porsche 934 and 2015 Mustang, getting three each in the Q case.  Two Datsun Wagons isn’t bad either, even if they didn’t have the most comfortable accommodations:

And for those of you wondering, while we didn’t get the Super, others who bought from Grana found different luck:

So there is what to look for when the Q cases hit.  Surely there is something for everyone…

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