Just Unveiled: 2015 Hot Wheels Toyota AE-86 Corolla Super Treasure Hunt…

The Hachiroku is coming…

It looks like following the release of the Datsun 510 Wagon Super Treasure Hunt, you won’t have to wait long to get your j-tin Super TH fix.  Images have just surfaced of the Hot Wheels Toyota AE-86 Corolla Super Treasure Hunt, and we think a few of you will be pleased with the news.  We sure are.

The Hachiroku has achieved legend status among the JDM set, and that goes for Hot Wheels as well. We may look at the Datsun 510 or Skyline castings as the models that set the stage for the plethora of Nostalgic Japanese we see in the range now, but the AE-86 predates those as well.  The casting was one of Jun Imai’s first, and it debuted in 2006.  It seemed to vanish after that, only showing up in a 5-pack over the next few years, only to return with a vengeance in 2012/2013.  We have now seen it in the Decades line, as a Zamac, and now as a very worthy Super Treasure Hunt.

And it looks like Hot Wheels is playing off of the AE-86’s drift legacy, giving it a race-inspired livery, including many licensed logos like GReddy.  The other thing we noticed is the color.  Sense a pattern?

It seems that Mattel loves to see its Japanese Supers dressed in spectraflame red.  The Corolla will be the fifth Japanese Super to don the red.  Only the R32 Skyline Super in orange from a few years ago has sported a different color.  We assume that is a coincidence, but a crazy coincidence nonetheless.

We are guessing we will see the AE-86 as part of 2015 Batch C.  In the meantime, you may want to step up collecting the other versions of the Hachiroku, as values could very well start to go up…

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  1. GReddy? Sparco? Brembo? Koni? Toyo Tyres? I'm sold! Super or no super, a realistic race livery on a race inspired Japanese car means this is coming home with me the second I see it in store! And the fact that its on a Hachiroku just make it more awesome! Such race. Very drift. Wow x2.

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