Updating the Lamley Display: The Tomica Limited Vintage Takeover…

The Tomica Limited Vintage collection continues to grow, and with that it seems the display space is shrinking.

As much as we love our Hot Wheels and Matchbox, there is something about a display case full of Tomica Limited Vintage.  So we condensed the Hot Wheels/Matchbox models down to one Carney display, and expanded the TLV into a second display, with a little room to grow.

You might ask why we don’t just buy more displays from Carney Plastics.  Aesthetics.  We don’t want to take away from the three displays that are up, so we keep it as is.  The models not on display are housed in the closet next to the displays:

That is the entire Lamley loose collection.  The carded models are on a shelf above, and some others in protectos are in a bin below.  That is it.

So we like to keep it clean, and the TLV’s just look cool.  So we thought we should show you what they look like now.

And as you look, feel free to ask about any models that spark your interest, as well as what models you would like to us feature on Lamley.

And remember, most of these TLV are available at Japan Booster

Case 1 – Hot Wheels & Matchbox:

Case 2 – Tomica Limited Vintage:

Case 3 – Tomica Limited Vintage & Kyosho:

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