Never fear, JDM fans: Hot Wheels will once again have your back in 2015…

More and more info on the 2015 Hot Wheels lineup is starting to filter out, and we are hearing some things that will make you JDM fans a little happy.

2014 was a huge year for Hot Wheels j-tin collectors.  We don’t have an official count, but if we were to guess there were more Japanese models in the 2014 lineup than any year previous.  And collectors made sure to let Mattel know that it was a good move.  For the most part JDM models sold very well, and the frenzy surrounding the Dastun 510 Wagon Super Treasure Hunt is proof enough.

It looks like Mattel got the message, and early indications are that JDM will be back in a huge way in 2015.  The Datsun 620 Pickup has already been unveiled, and today we are passing along the first images of the latest version of everyone’s favorite Bosozoku, the Mad Manga:

And that is just the start.  We also have heard rumors that the Datsun 240Z, Honda S2000, Subaru BRAT, and Datsun 510 that were slated for the 2014 Cool Classics line will now move to the 2015 Heritage line.  The 510, BRAT, and S2000 were previewed earlier, and word is with the move to 2015 they may not look exactly like this:

And add to that the RLC Toyota 2000GT and BRE 240Z coming soon, as well as rumors of the return of several Datsun and Toyota favorites joining the 620 in the mainline, and the evidence is clear that Mattel is committed to JDM.  We anticipate more new Japanese car castings, as well as another Japanese Super Treasure Hunt.

Undoubtedly, there is a lot to be excited about.  What would you like to see?

9 Replies to “Never fear, JDM fans: Hot Wheels will once again have your back in 2015…”

  1. That manky manga thing is without doubt the most horrid hideous thing thats ever been made in the diecast world…….

    now the Datsun's, Scooby, S2000, BRING THEM ON (if we can ever find them in the UK)

  2. Ugh, I'm so tired of the Mad Manga. Even up here, where there's quite a few Japanese car fans, it's a pegwarmer. Hopefully the 510 will be back in the mainline, and there will be some new models.

  3. Excellent, I love the Mad Manga – definitely one of my favourite castings. They did such a great job of getting the look right at that scale, a great homage to the Bosozoku scene!

  4. I would LOVE to get my hands on the Hots Ones BRAT (at a reasonable price, of course), but since that isn't feasible i'll be sure to look for the new Heritage version. I would rather have one that doesn't look like an army tank!

  5. Sorry Luis but that is incorrect. The AE86 will in fact be in the mainline, but not as a Super. There are photos circulating of one on real riders, but those are the incorrect wheels.

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