Lamley Case Report: Opening a Hot Wheels US N Case, and a way to preorder a P and Q case from Grana Toys…

It has been a little over a month since we have done a Hot Wheels Case Report, but the US N Case has finally arrived.

In most instances, the US Cases will arrive first to dealers (like Grana Toys, who we got this one from), then to major retailers, but this time the N cases arrived at both hobby dealers and Walmart at the same time.  So we are sure a few of you, if not most, have encountered Batch N in some form at your local Walmart.  The batch has generated its fair share of buzz, considering there are two Skylines in the Walmart release, including the exclusive Zamac Hakosuka.

But even if you have encountered the N Case bins at Walmart, this case report might be somewhat interesting, because we experienced a first in this unboxing.  You can probably guess what that is, and it will become apparent about halfway through.  We will let the photos tell the story.

But before we do, we should mention once again that this case has come from our friends at Grana Toys.  And while you may not be too interested in buying an N Case, we have a feeling many of you will be interested in their presale for the last two batches of 2014.  Grana now has both the 2014 Hot Wheels P and Q cases available to reserve.  US P cases should be here soon, and Q in September.

Of course the Q case will be of particular interest for many Lamley readers because it should contain two highly-anticipated models, the Porsche 934 and ’71 Datsun 510 Wagon mainline and Super Treasure Hunt.  We all know the 510 Wagon Super will be next to impossible to find, and the mainline will probably be very popular as well.  So while reserving a Q case does not guarantee any models will be there, it at least gives you a chance.  And as we have learned, there is a far better chance to get a Super in a US Case than a Worldwide Case.  You can find both batches at the following links:

2014 Hot Wheels P Case presale

2014 Hot Wheels Q Case presale

Alright, on with the report.  As always, this is an unopened US-issue case from Hot Wheels, as distributed by Grana Toys.  I will remove the models 3-by-3 in order.


The 2014 N Case:

Fresh from Grana Toys.  I always asked for a damaged case if there is one, since most extra models are opened and donated to charity.  You can see something happened with this one in transit from Mattel to Grana.  We will if any models were heavily damaged:


Hmmmmm…can you see it?

New Model Alert:

New Model Alert:

Regular Treasure Hunt Alert:

New Model Alert, and something about that Impala in the background looks different:

Bingo!  Super TH Alert:

To the second half:

Nice to see three Kenmeris:

There it is.  The N Case.  We were very happy to see that the models we were most interested in, the Kenmeri Skyline and BMW E36, came in threes.  We didn’t see the yellow Ferrari F12 in this case, but we have seen plenty in N Case dump bins.

And yes, the first for us was finding a Super in the case we were sent.  We struck out the first few times, but we got lucky this time.  Too bad this came in an unboxing and not a store visit, or I could have checked another Super off my Great Super TH Experiment in 2014.  Oh well, I am not complaining…

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