First Look: 2014 Matchbox BMW 1M in estoril blue…

Since we are already on a BMW kick today, why not the last preview we have been given permission by Mattel to show, this time of the upcoming color of the BMW 1M.

It looks like Matchbox is going with signature colors to start the run of the BMW 1M.  First orange, now estoril blue.  All we need now is alpine white with blue and red striping.

When we first saw the Matchbox preview photo in the Ambassador Report, the color didn’t come through as well.  But now we have seen it in person, it is truly replicating the bright but deep blue we see on so many BMW’s.  The 1M has been a favorite since its release last year, and when it hits the pegs we will be sure to the collection we have amassed together.

For now, we will enjoy these pics from the Gathering…

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Matchbox BMW 1M (2014 Mainline):

13 Replies to “First Look: 2014 Matchbox BMW 1M in estoril blue…”

  1. You hit the nail on the head John.
    Alpine white w/ re & blue stripes! That would look awesome. Maybe MBX is listening and will execute this great idea of a design. What better way to say..”I'm a BMW!”, with the red and blue on a white base. Pearl white would work too (i.e. HW's Hots Ones M1).

  2. It hits the pegs, I'll get her immediately as my love.

    And looks sexier in blue, but I still like the brown, for its way…

  3. Fantastic model! I don't care about the wrong taillight tampos. What I want is a correctly proportioned casting, with the right paint, correctly colored wheels, clear windows (maybe a slight black or blue tint) and no shitty hotel or resort tampos on the side that ruin the whole car (What is some exotic hotel or skiing resort doing on a Dodge Viper or Corvette ZR1? Why? Just why?). Thats it. Maybe a stripe or two on the side or through the centre or maybe a realistic livery but that really is it. That is all I look for in a Hot Wheels or matchbox car. And this is exactly that kind of car! I never got the orange version so I'm gonna be looking high and low for this one! Its a must have for me! Ty for the pics!

    – Black Wind/ LongtailGT (my future comments will be coming from this account.)

  4. Thanks Black Wind. We have banned anonymous accounts because they were causing problems. It is easy to say whatever you want when no one knows who you are. You have always identified yourself and we truly appreciate it, and I was worried you would not be able to comment. Glad you figured out a way.

  5. I love this model and I cannot wait to get my hands on it! But one thing sucks, and John, if you or someone could ask Mattel about it that would be great, and that is why the tampos are amazing and on all the right spots, EXCEPT for on the hood. Where is the BMW roundel? Was this deliberate or an oversight? And if deliberate, what is the reason?

  6. Is it just me, or does this model look like it's been rear ended? I have the orange version and it doesn't seem to have that shortened look. Maybe it's the color, but it just seems a little off.

  7. I already had a google+ account so it was nothing really. I'm just glad you took action against these accounts! Now only the people who are actually interested in the post will be able to post comments!

    – Black Wind.

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