First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels ’71 Datsun 510 Wagon (Standard Version)…

Does this model even need an introduction?

We could probably write a book on how a mini replica of a ’70’s Japanese Wagon became one of the hottest Hot Wheels models around, but there is no need.  Most of you probably know why.

It could be described as the perfect storm in our hobby.  A mix of a great model, released while a particular car culture is red hot, and then becoming nearly impossible to find.  If the Datsun Wagon’s debut was in the mainline, and was easy to find, it would be a different story.  It would still be a popular model, because all vintage Japanese Hot Wheels are hot right now, but the rarity factor puts it over the top.

Most collectors spent almost the entirety of 2013 trying to find the Boulevard version.  It is crazy to look back at how things materialized.  The Wagon was originally released to hobby dealers just after New Year’s in January 2013.  There was already a lot of buzz about the Datsun since its unveiling at the 2012 JCCS, but most collectors figured they would pick one up when it arrived in droves at Walmart.

That never happened.  Due to poor sales of the previous year’s Boulevard line, the big box stores didn’t want the 2013 line.  Somewhere around April, a very small number of Walmarts got the line, but it wasn’t many.  As collectors started to realize that the Boulevard line might be a little more difficult to find than expected, the price of the 510 Wagon on ebay started grow from $2.99 each to $10.99 to $14.99 and on and on.

Finally the 510 Wagon did show up in stores, but not until September, and only in West Coast TJ Maxx and Marshall’s stores, as well as some Shopko’s.  Those who were lucky enough to find them gobbled them up, and that was that.  The Datsun Wagon was officially a rarity.

So if you want to take a model that is already highly desired and shoot it into the stratosphere, make it a Super Treasure Hunt.  And that is what Mattel did.  So just like the debut of the Toyota 2000GT last year, Mattel is making another JDM model that most collectors haven’t seen debut as a Super.  So there you go.  Super Duper Hype.

And the Super TH lives up to it.  It’s pretty.  But we will be featuring that later today, so for now let’s have a gander at the overshadowed counterpart, the standard mainline version.

While Malaysian sellers are putting up loose Super after loose Super, the regular hasn’t really appeared anywhere.  So we will give it its due prior to showing the Super.  And to be honest, if there was not a Super to take most of its attention, the standard would be buzzworthy as well.

We don’t need to tell the story of the design of this model, as Japanese Nostalgic Car has already done a nice job of that.  So here it is in photos.

Yes, the Super is going to be very difficult to find, but the regular is a very nice consolation prize…

Hot Wheels ’71 Datsun 510 Wagon (2014 Mainline):

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  1. I say this is a wonderful beauty! It it even has its own “Speedhunters” tatoos!

    And also, I think this should be the best $TH of 2014! It's very cool indeed!

  2. For everyone naggin' about speedhunters tampo- they made a whole giant article dedicated to his models, so why can't he put their logo on this piece?

  3. What do you think Speedhunters is? It's pathetic people don't even realize they are being advertised to.

  4. Wait, you think SpeedHunters is owned by EA? Even if SH WAS owned by EA, they did an article on this model, so they should be allowed to put their logo on the car.

  5. HAHAHAHAHA what a bunch a lil' bithces !! Crying over a car blog logo from EA, really???

    Please don't buy any then if their logo on the .99 cent Datsun from Hot Wheels offends you.


  6. Will this mainline wagon be offered in another variation/livery?
    I also wonder if many will even receive this
    particular mainline at all. Some of the Walmarts here in the Balto/D.C. area are kind'a lame with keeping up with current cases and run lines. Some are just plain pathetic.

  7. I'll never even see one because Lamley posts this 'gotta have it'. Thanks. The typical retarded HW collector has no idea what is cool. At all. Until they are told what is cool. Thanks again.

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