Two from the Gathering: The cambered & stretched Honda Civic from 78toy4dr, and the uber-detailed Toyota Tacoma from Franklin2700…

Yes, it has been awhile since we did As is the Custom.  Three weeks to be precise.  The Matchbox Gathering will do that.

Prep and the event itself doesn’t give us any time to review all the custom submissions we have received, so we have to wait.  And finally we are working on it.  There are literally hundreds of submissions to work through.  As is the Custom is coming.  We promise.

In the meantime, we have a couple of treats to show you.  We returned home from Albuquerque with two amazing customs, and they deserve to get their own post.  Both were done by customizers we have featured before, but it is really a treat to be able to photograph these customs here at Lamley.

The first is from Albuquerque resident and Instagramer Chris H, better known as @78toy4dr on IG.  We have always been impressed not only with Chris’s immense talent, but his propensity to make creative and clean creations.  So it was a total treat to meet Chris on Sunday at the Gathering Toy Show.  Chris pulled me out of a crowd based on the JDM Legends t-shirt I was wearing the day before (I am predictable), and asked if I wanted to see his customs in person.

Of course I did, but from the work I had seen before, I knew there was another person who would want to see them too, so I introduced Chris to Mattel Designer Miguel Lopez.  At that point I just stood back as Miguel ogled over each of Chris’s customs, even noting that many had been seen by members of the Mattel Design team when they were featured on Lamley.

There was one element in particular that Miguel honed in on: Chris’s cambered wheels and stretched tires, made from Matchbox 5-spoke wheels.  We won’t give away any of Chris’s secrets, but what he has created is simply stunning.

As you will see in the pics, Chris has cambered all four wheels, and then given the wheels a stretched tire look.  And if the aesthetics aren’t enough, the car rolls.  And rolls well.  It is the kind of gap that Stance Nation would be more than proud to show, but amazingly done on a Hot Wheels Honda Civic.

By the end of the day, we found ourselves returning with said Civic in our collection.  This was a tremendous gift to receive, and we wanted to show it off.  Chris was worried that our close-up photos would expose some flaws in his work.  Nope.  This model is truly amazing.

Thanks Chris.

Honda Civic EF by @78toy4dr – Instagram

The other model comes from Brian, aka Franklin2700.  We dubbed him “Steady Hands” awhile ago, because of his ability to detail standard Matchbox and Hot Wheels models freehand.  The details can be big or minute, but he enhances any model he takes on.

Brian was at it again, this time with the just released Matchbox Toyota Tacoma.  There is a lot of equipment in the back of that Tacoma, but little detail.  That is until Brian got his hands on it.  Pay particular attention to the ropes in the back.  That should be enough proof of Brian’s talent and skill.

We love when what seem to be tiny enhancements totally change a model.  If you saw Brian’s collection of customs, you would be more than envious.

Thanks Brian.

Matchbox Toyota Tacoma by Franklin2700

Seeing these two customs was a huge highlight of the Gathering.  We are glad we were able to give them the photo treatment here…

5 Replies to “Two from the Gathering: The cambered & stretched Honda Civic from 78toy4dr, and the uber-detailed Toyota Tacoma from Franklin2700…”

  1. WOW! Beautiful cars. First, that Civic is amazing. The way the wheels are… And it is so clean!

    And the Tacoma. It has such great detail on the surfboard… And everywhere else! I hope the supreme heroes line has at least half of this detail. Then Brian can get is steady hand and go at it!

  2. We can see on the Tacoma truck that there is the bed tool color tempos and headlight and backlight tempos are on it. But Franklin, you did a good job on the Tacoma but if the last piece was done, which was taking out the dark tinted windows and into original tins of windows like how it's normally done on these examples of models: HW Fiat 500, BMW M3… that would be great. But still a good job.

    And the Civic, too cool for his old name of school. Bet that tuner hits the streets on speed!!!

  3. These are great. I've read a lot about the Windows and lack of interior but if you go back as I did you'll see MB and even Lensey had some in their lines that straight black windows with no interior. Granted I was not a fan of it and rather have an interior but see that it goes back so far and it doesn't really hurt this model I'm ok with it.

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