First Look: Matchbox 1993 Ford Mustang LX SSP (Special Service Package)…

Alright, Lamley readers, this will be fun.  We have a massive backup of cool things to showcase here on the blog.  Here is a smattering:

  1. Gathering Exclusive Toyota Tacoma & Dodge Charger Police
  2. Matchbox 2014 Silverado
  3. Matchbox Alfa Romeo 4C FEP
  4. Matchbox BMW 1M
  5. 2015 Matchbox 3D Prints, including the BMW M5, Porsche Cayman, Lamborghini LM002, and more.
  6. Tomica Limited Vintage BMW 325i 4-door
  7. Hot Wheels Datsun 510 Wagon standard issue & Super Treasure Hunt
And that isn’t all.  There are a ton of TLV’s waiting in the wings, some just-released Matchbox, a Hot Wheels US N Case Report, and more and more and more.  Plus Hot Wheels Batch P is just around the corner.  Oh, and two weeks of customs that we want to show.  That is a lot, and we plan to get to it all.  If there are some models you want to see sooner rather than later, let us know.
But with all that, there is one model we have been really excited to show first.  We wanted to wait for Nigel Cooper’s final Ambassador Report before showing all the pics we have, and now we can.  We should also mention that these images come courtesy of Mattel, who allowed me to photograph all these upcoming models at the Gathering.
That model is the 1993 Ford Mustang SSP, which should be out in a just a few months.  It has been on the Matchbox Design Team’s want list for some time, and when a gap emerged in the 2014 line after another new model had to be dropped, the team pounced.  The Mustang became a late addition to the range, and after seeing it, it might very well be our favorite of the 2014 line.  Funny how that happens.
The foxbody Mustang has gotten its fair share of love elsewhere, particularly Hot Wheels, when Jun Imai introduced the 1992 Mustang in the Modern Classics line.  Since then the casting has been very popular, showing up as a Treasure Hunt, RLC exclusive, HW Racing, and elsewhere.  We have to think the day will come when it appears as a Super Treasure Hunt as well.  We have even seen the ’84 SVO in a few premium lines.  Not to mention an earlier version, the Turbo Mustang has been a lot as well.
But that is Hot Wheels.  It is now Matchbox’s turn.  And this one definitely has the Matchbox touch.  A notchback, no low profile, no sporty rims.  It is a Mustang cop car, with the made-for-the-force Special Service Package.  It truly is Matchbox at its best.
And the culprit for this one is designer Miguel Lopez, who took Ryu Asada’s spot at Matchbox when he crossed the hall to blue.  Miguel has been responsible for quite a few of the models we are seeing in 2014, and most of the 2015 line.  He has that same touch for realism, and it really shows here with the Mustang.  Just look at the clear plastic headlights, which are part of the window piece.
I first met Miguel last year at JCCS, and was able to spend a lot more time with him at the Matchbox Gathering last weekend.  Like Ryu, he is exactly the guy you want designing diecast cars.  He loves cars, knows a ton about them, and it a very talented artist.  Watching him ogle over some customs one of our Lamley friends brought was as good a sign as any what kind of passion Miguel has for little cars.  It will be fun to watch what he comes up with moving forward.
We are also happy to see this model debut in a real police livery, and an iconic livery at that:
CHP has graced a few Matchbox models (do I smell a future post?), and it looks great here, especially knowing the Mustang SSP was a model CHP used.  Of course, there is another SSP we would be interested in seeing, whether or not Greenlight already did it:
Am I too obsessed with the Utah Highway Patrol livery?  Probably, but the plain white with the beehive on the door really can’t be beat.  And it has remained the same for years.
Anyway, here we are.  Real livery, on a really good-looking model.  Matchbox wants your love, collectors.  This is quite the love note.
Look for it in stores this fall.
(note: You may see a slight gap between the rear bumper and body.  Just something that this test model has, after a too-tight riveting.  It sits flush on the production model.)
Matchbox 1993 Ford Mustang LX SSP (2014 New Models):

17 Replies to “First Look: Matchbox 1993 Ford Mustang LX SSP (Special Service Package)…”

  1. Let's see the 2014 Silverado and 2015 cars first, please! Also, I would like more info on the “Supreme Heros” line.

  2. Yes!! And more supreme heroes info and maybe if one can be located, a pic! I am waiting 5/6 months for this Line. How much you wanna bet this will be in the supreme heroes line?

  3. Frankly saying, when the tampos, the proportions and the livery are this accurate and awesome, I can forgive little flaws like the lines on the bumpers or the gap. This is a real beauty! Its models like this that keep pulling me back to Matchbox and also shows that if they want to do it right, they DO IT RIGHT! I'm definitely going to buy this! TY for the photos and for the next post, I want to see the Alfa 4C or the BMW 1M Coupe please!

    – Black Wind.

  4. Another Matchbox new model that replaced the Volkswagen van. That's right, more better even when I complained about why that happened with it. This thang is absolutely fantastic.

    Well, it doesn't look like a lot of a Mustang, but it is, and talks like a Mustang. True that all.

    And John, First looks on 1M coupe, Chevy Silverado, Alfa 4c, Ford bed truck, and then what new models come in 2015 immedietely. I'm too excited for the Telsa Model S, new Ford F-150, Porsche Cayman, and Lambo Cheetah…

  5. Love the paint job on this one…it's classic!

    And I'm glad to see a generation of Mustang that is often overlooked (as a toy) finally given the Matchbox treatment. I have the Hot Wheels Fox-body Mustang, but it seems rather bloated and bulky compared to the other Mustangs produced by both Matchbox and Hot Wheels. This one seems to better match the proportions of the rest of the herd.

    I like the clear headlights. I wish the light bar was separate from the rest of the window piece, but I recognize the four-part limitation and I'm glad that this car has an interior separate from the bumpers/chassis.

  6. Would it have broken the bank to paint the roof white also? Matchbox wants to stress realism, yet they keep missing doing simple details.

  7. Greenlight have done several notch and fox-bodied Mustangs in the SSP guise.

    HP12 and the upcoming HP14 feature a fox-body Mustang in each lineup, with a San Francisco PD example in HP12, and in HP14 an NYPD example will be included in the lineup along with a 1979 Pontiac Firebird used by the Florida Highway Patrol.

    The white Mustang with the Whelen Edge in the pic is a Mustang SSP used by the Utah Highway Patrol. Greenlight did that one along with a Missouri Highway Patrol notch-body Mustang for their Toys R'Us exclusive Hot Pursuit 10-car pack. Another model like this notch-body was of an example used by the Nevada Highway Patrol.

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