Just Unveiled: Matchbox Gathering Dealer Exclusive Dodge Charger Albuquerque Police…

There is still a lot of Matchbox news to come out of the Gathering.  The Toyota Tacoma Dinner Model has been unveiled, Larry Scaduto has been named the new Ambassador (congrats!), the Mattel team has unveiled the 25 new tools for 2015, and we have gotten details on the first Matchbox models with “real riders” in years.  We are positive a few of you have gotten the details from friends on the Matchbox presentation, but it will all be laid out here with Nigel Cooper’s final report as Ambassador coming very soon.  It will also be accompanied with pics of the upcoming 2014 and 2015 models that  we were able to take in the Lamley studio with Mattel’s permission.

In the meantime, here are a few closeups of the other Gathering model, the Dodge Charger Police in Albuquerque Police livery.  We will go into more detail on this one later in the week.  In the meantime, here is what those who reserved a dealer table for the toy show today are taking home.


12 Replies to “Just Unveiled: Matchbox Gathering Dealer Exclusive Dodge Charger Albuquerque Police…”

  1. Proof that if Matchbox has the opportunity, no price limit and the ability to use whatever resources they want, they cans till create spectacularly amazing and realistic models! This one is definitely one of the best police cars ever made by Matchbox and definitely better than any of the Hot Wheels. Congrats on getting it!

    – Black Wind

  2. I just wish this was not an exclusive, but in the mainline only instead. Look at it! It's got all the tempos needed. Come on!!!

  3. Lovely detail – Wonder whether we'll ever see this one on shelves here in India. I still wonder why Matchbox has abandoned the shores of India since the past 7 months or so ?and if MB will ever make a comeback here ? I still must have the Cadillac, VW Karman Ghia, '63 MACK fire-truck, the Ford F100 pick-up truck and lots more that I missed out when MB left for GOOD.

  4. How is this an exclusive die cast vehicle? When will this vehicle be “hitting” store shelves? In fact will I be fortunate enough to find them in Canada?(my country).

  5. I too wish it was only in the mainline packaging instead but the real issues or concerns are that if it's exclusive would it mean I'd have a difficult time in finding them in retail stores located here in Canada (the country I reside in.) If so and God forbid that would suck!

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