First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels ’64 Corvette Sting Ray…

If we are being honest, this is not a model to which we would normally dedicate an entire Lamley First Look.

But when a model has such a nice deco as this one, it merits some showcasing.

The ’64 Sting Ray is a model that has been around a bit, and can easily be upstaged by other Sting Ray castings.  Occasionally it suffers from some stance issues, and can look a little flat.  But things can sure change when it gets a “less is more” outfit.

Prince likes his little Corvettes red, and we won’t argue with that at all.  This one certainly applies, sporting a rich red with the only deco being a black hood stripe.  It also gets a Corvette badge and Hot Wheels logo on the rear.

We won’t go so far to say that all Hot Wheels should look like this, but we love it when they do.  Yes, the side silhouette and deco matter to the kids and parents that walk by the pegs.  Something has to say “BUY ME”, and maybe the thought is one color doesn’t do that.  But can you argue that this is a pretty one, and “pretty” gets bought too?

A surprising winner from the 2014 Hot Wheels N case.  Who would have predicted that?

Hot Wheels ’64 Corvette Sting Ray (2014 Mainline):

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  1. Maybe its just me… but it looks odd. Its like its sitting on its butt, doesn't it? Just look at the front wheel wells, and how there's a little clearance to the tire… now look at the back tire and how its almost touching the body?

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