First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in yellow…

Last week we passed along the news that Mattel and Ferrari were parting ways, at least when it came to the 1:18 scale line.  We still have not heard if that will impact the basic range.  Honestly, we don’t think it will, but we don’t know until we know.

If it is, there is a good chance Ferrari models will be gobbled up and guarded, and prices will rise.  At that point we will be very happy we were diligent in collecting a few favorites.  One of those is the Ferrari F12, which was released last year.

We have seen it in red, zamac (an all-time favorite HW Ferrari), grey, and now yellow.  Not a dud in the bunch, and it is nice to see Hot Wheels release a few with no side stripes or deco.  The car is too pretty for pinstripes.  And yes, it does have a pretty extreme case of large-rear-wheel-itus, but with its stance and details, it doesn’t bother too much.

So hooray for the F12, we just hope we see a lot more versions in the future…

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Hot Wheels Ferrari F12 Berlinetta (2014 Mainline Recolor):

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  1. This version of the F12Birlinetta in yellow absolutely looks more cooler, stunning, amazing, brighter, and of course cooler. It's very awesome!

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