First Look: Hot Wheels ’65 Chevy Impala Super Treasure Hunt…

This will probably not get too many votes for Best Super of the Year.  It’s an older casting, and one that hasn’t been used much lately.  Most will likely compare it to the Riviera Super from last year.  We agree.

But this has a little nostalgia attached to it.  At least for me.  When I returned to collecting in 2005, lowriders like the Impala were common in the Hot Wheels lineup.  We may not think much of them now, but they were tremendously hot back then.

So while excitement these days revolves around 510’s and Skylines, back then it was all lowriders and muscle.  So we are happy to have this one in the collection, and thrilled to see Hot Wheels give a shout out to a model that has a past.  And plus we never complain about a model sitting on steelies.

It won’t cause the frenzy that the Gasser has and 510 Wagon will, but today it gets its place in the sun…

(find the regular and Super Impala on ebay…)

Hot Wheels ’65 Chevy Impala (2014 Super Treasure Hunt):

All 13 Supers releases so far.  Have a fave, or just waiting for the Wagon?

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  1. It's cool, but I wish it had different wheels. Seems like all the supers have the same wheels this year.

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