First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels ’68 COPO Camaro…

First off, I don’t have the “Now” Camaro that pairs with this “Then” Camaro.  I probably should have saved one, knowing that the pair wasn’t complete, but alas, it was donated to a happy kid at a local hospital.  If I can get my hands on another for a future photo shoot, I will.

But man, this ’68 COPO sure puts the 2013 COPO to shame.  I have said that my favorite Hot Wheels Camaro is the ’70 Road Race, but when looking at the first generation of Camaros, the ’68 COPO takes the cake.  With all due respect to the ’67, the COPO is the best looking.

And of all the COPO’s, this white version wins.  Big.  What an absolutely beautiful model.  Less is always more.  That is why the only COPO I have collected so far is the First Edition, as well as the Mystery model in the same deco.  So we happily welcome this as the fifth COPO in the Lamley collection.

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Hot Wheels ’68 COPO Camaro (2014 Then & Now):

Along with the FE:

3 Replies to “First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels ’68 COPO Camaro…”

  1. And it'll go perfectly matched with my '14 COPO Camaro. More likely with the first color in white than the red.

  2. I couldn't have described it better than how you did in the last paragraph! It really is beautiful! The only COPO I have is the dark green version that came in multipacks a couple years ago. I will be sure to pick this up as well!

    – Black Wind

  3. To be honest, this casting does nothing for me, I generally collect most Camaro castings as a classic Camaro owner, and have even grown to prefer the 67 and 68 Camaro's over that of 1969 but the hideous pig-nose-snorkel hood on the 68 Camaro is not my definition of classy or good design.

    The casting is a pretty accurate depiction of the real thing… just that hood!

    Perhaps someone will come out with a 1:64 1969 Camaro SS with the cool chrome faux hood grates, I can deal with those…

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