They keep coming: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo BMW 318i (E30) Coupe in red & blue are stocked at Japan Booster…

If the Nissan IDx Nismo wasn’t enough (and it has been restocked), one day later Tomica Limited Vintage has just released a non-JDM gem, the BMW 318i in two colors, red and blue.

Our friends at Japan Booster emailed us late last night to let us know they are in, and are now listed in their eBay store.  You can find both here at this link:

Tomica Limited Vintage BMW 318i Coupe at Japan Booster

TLV rarely deviate from their Japanese roots, but when they do, they know how to pick them.  We have seen Audis, Mercedes, VW Golf, and most notably the Porsche 911 previously released, and now one of the most well-known and beloved BMW’s joins the ranks.

These are the first of four to be released this summer.  The 4-door version will be released soon, and there are rumors of a police version later this year.  We will wait and see.  Nonetheless we have ordered both of these from Japan Booster, and will be giving both the First Look treatment once they arrive.

And remember, Japan Booster offers FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the world on any order over $50.  Buying these two won’t get you to $50, but if you missed out on the quick sell-out of the IDx Nismo yesterday, more have just been listed.  We are told that this price won’t last too much longer, so grab the Nismo and ID while you can.  They can both be found at the link below:

Tomica Limited Vintage Nissan IDx Nismo & Freeflow at Japan Booster

Both the BMW and IDx are great introductions to Tomica Limited Vintage, and are thrilled to see so many of you jumping on the train.  You will not be disappointed…

3 Replies to “They keep coming: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo BMW 318i (E30) Coupe in red & blue are stocked at Japan Booster…”

  1. Ungh… I'm already trying not to spend money I don't have on a beautiful 67 Porshce 911S in white with black stripes, this might prove too much to resist. Also, I always found a bit funny how Japan Booster only deals in two wildly different types of items; diecast cars, which I collect, and guitar effects pedals, which my brother collects, so we're like the exact target audience of this guy, hahaha…

  2. I just checked with a local diecast car retail company here in my country. Tomica Limited Vintage Neo model number LV-N113a will be a BMW 318i 2-door patrol car. This version will be a Fukushima Prefectural Police unit, with a new lightbar similar to the Federal Signal Aerodynic and Jetstream.

    Also, LV-N114a will be an Audi80 2.0E patrol car. This one will be in classic Polizei livery.

    Plus, the November TLV and TLV-N releases are listed in the TLV website, which include the new Nissan Skyline 2000 Turbo GT-ES sedan plus the 1983 Nissan Cedrics in brown and silver.

    I'm still hoping for the 2-door version of that Skyline will show up, as well as Machine-X, the Safari plus the 1980 and 1983 Cedric police cars from Seibu Keisatsu

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