Lamley Case Report: Opening a Hot Wheels US M Case…

Here we go again.

We continue to get great feedback from everyone about these case reports, so we will keep doing them.  We have gotten the question on what we do with these cases we open.  Well, obviously there are some models we keep.  Interestingly, it is not many, usually 5 to 7 out of the 72.  The rest go back in the case, are sealed up, and donated to local hospitals through Lamley Charities, which is run by my 13-year-old daughter.  We are very happy to see these put to good use, outside of providing the info you readers crave.  We may expand Lamley Charities someday, so if you have extra models you want to put to good use, stay tuned.

Alright, back to the M case.  As always, we got this case from Grana Toys, and as always, Grana is offering this case to Lamley readers at a special discount.  All you need to do is use the promo code “Lamley” at checkout and the discount will apply.  But remember, this only applies to cases purchased on the Grana Toys website, which can be found here: Hot Wheels M Cases for sale

Of course if you prefer to purchase an M case on ebay, you can do that here:

Grana Toys eBay Store M Cases for sale

And make sure you act fast, as there are only a few cases left.

Alright on with the report.  Here is all 72 models as we pulled them, 3 by 3.


The M Case:


The first 36:

(Treasure Hunt Alert)

The next 36:

(James Bond Alert)

There it is.  No Super this time, but some of you might get lucky in your case.  Let us know if you do.  For us, the 370Z (1 per case), Aston Martin DB5, and LaFerrari take the cake for us.

Maybe not the strongest case this year, but N is coming (Kenmeri, BMW E36, COPO Camaro, and Zamac Hakosuka to name a few).  There is always something to look forward to…

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  1. Gimme the Pagani, Mastretta, MR11, Ducati biker, LaFerrari, Ryura, GReddy Nissan, Off Duty, and James Bond Aston!!!

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