First Look: Hot Wheels Nissan 370Z in GReddy livery, plus a look at all versions previous…

It looks like Hot Wheels has secured yet another sponsor for their fleet of mini racers.  There has been a plethora of logo-sporting Hot Wheels of late, almost all performance-enhancing products (think auto, not Viagra), and now the aftermarket gurus at GReddy have their model.

And pairing GReddy with the 370Z makes for a perfect fit.  The GReddy logo needs to be on a car that gearheads are just as excited to work on as they are to drive.  And the 370Z fits the bill.  Too bad you can’t open the hood on the mini version, as many folks might try to modify that as well.

There is obviously a fair number of JDM-inspired collectors who are really into this model, but for the most part the the 370Z has flown under the radar.  But it deserves its due.  It is really well made.  The casting is one of the better proportioned models around, and very nicely detailed.  Too bad Mattel has yet to create a version with the cool tail light tampos printed.

So have a gander at the GReddy version, and then scroll through all versions to figure out which models you still need.  If you do need some, there is always ebay

Hot Wheels Nissan 370Z (2014 Mainline):

The family:

2010 New Models

2010 New Models recolor

2011 Faster than Ever

2011 multipack exclusive

2011 Faster Than Ever recolor

2011 multipack exclusive

2012 Team Hot Wheels

2012 Multipack exclusive

2014 Mainline

10 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Nissan 370Z in GReddy livery, plus a look at all versions previous…”

  1. Ah, great to see the 370z, after a while of rain.

    Yep. I totally agree with myself. The GReddy livery on it looks dope darn stunning. But except…


    Disappointment. The rear light tempos and the logo tempos that used to be on? Oh, come on! Seriously. This is a perfect car and livery to pick for it this year now, but then whoosh! Hot Wheels suddenly explodes it. They ruined it. Like, who would do suck a thing?

  2. HWs and GReddy have been working together for quite some time now. Their logos were on 1:50 (& maybe larger) Hot Import Nights and D-Force back in 2006/7.

  3. If you haven't noticed, look better and you'll se that none of the HW castings has rear light and logo tampos.

  4. You hit the nail on the head John. This model needs nice red tail light tampos. The rear design of the 370 incorporates the taillights into the lines which makes it so unique – HW 's decision to omit the tampos isn't a good choice for this casting. Maybe it was too stay within a certain cost margin or some other reason. The top of the rear spoiler should even be black, but I guess that's asking for too much.

    I wonder what this would look like with 10SP's? Even the wheels used on the Retro Entertainment Koenigsegg Ageramight look good on the 370. Just a thought.

  5. This is a really nice model! A model which I am going to buy as soon as I see it. Its just so colorful and flash! The wheels, decals, colors and even the windows work very well with each other. I wasn't able to buy any of the previous versions of this car so this is going to be my first. And I'm glad it is because according to me its the best. TY for the pics!

    – Black Wind

  6. I'll keep my Tomica Fairlady Z, which has opening doors and working suspension. This belongs at the bottom of the dump bin.

  7. Kind of ugly. I prefer my Tomica Z convertible, which has great details on the headlights, taillights, and badges, plus a removable top and a working suspension.

    In general, I don't like modern Nissans. But the classic Datsun Zs are pretty cool.

  8. Uh, wrong. Some Hot Wheels castings DO have front and rear light tempos, and logo tempos. Like duh, the Fiat 500, for example does have them. Listen!

  9. Even the real car (Z34) wasn't that well received. I still love the FE Nissan Z (Z33) that debuted in 2002. This one is meh, but I'll still get just one as it has the Greddy tampo.

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