As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending June 21, 2014…

Reserve some time, because this one is large.  Quality off the charts as well.  Enjoy this one.  We sure did…

Shawn Sawyer

@coecoet – Instagram

Daniel Hew

@leznah0811 – Instagram

@satwikanarendra – Instagram

@smallcarspecialties – Instagram

Danilo Brunini

Evilsonicz Garage

@deldiego10 – Instagram

@5pudly – Instagram

Alfred Lam Hc

Yasuhiro Nakamura‎

Kevin Hotwheels Garage

@i_d_r – Instagram

@vegask8custom – Instagram

Kampreto Garage

@den2don – Instagram

Carnage 717

@renditioncustoms – Instagram

@mrsenctvt – Instagram

@Hw_Panda23 – Instagram

Edgar Torres Farias

Balázs Kisgyörgy


@Naughtygogi – Instagram

@lance_garcia2009 – Instagram

@adrizainuddin – Instagram

@bobbysanders22 – Instagram

@Hwc_covaz430 – Instagram

Poraman Customs

Scott Garret Jr


Apis Custom Work’z

Seth Lawrey

@French_custom_hw – Instagram

@mysoulgone – Instagram

Once again, our 10-year-old customizer, Jake:

8 Replies to “As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending June 21, 2014…”

  1. Gotta give it to something different.. that Cord is awesome. I like how the paint almost exactly matches the photo car. Nice choice with wheels/tires. Great job. Makes me want to add a Cord to my collection.

  2. Ah, another resting week of customs. Darn pleased to see a lots of impressing artwork just immediately in passion.

    Favorite? Today, I wouldn't pick a bunch of super cars and American muscle cars for today's favor. Why what I get? Don't we always cheer up for the man- amazing man- Daniel Hew? Today, he did make a custom Honda Civic Si sedan. The red color looks awfully terrific, the creepy eyes are on duty. That is right. So I think he's been working on 3 of 'em. I like the extremely customized one. But anyways, very, very stunning artwork there, Mr. Hew!

    That first Skyline in some goldish yellow, looks very neat. So I say neat, eh? You ask. Hey! I remember the customizer of this Celica, welcome back Shawn Sawyer. You do have very nice stunning neat work there on that fixed customized thang again. Very good, Sawyer!

    Okay, some others… got some of these cops on the road, FBI's in the chase, I like that how @deldiego10- Instagram's neat FBI Chevy Tahoe has gone good, and besides that, the Ford Taurus Interceptor as well is neat. Well done in draw you too, Del!

    We've got @satwikanarenda – Instagram's purple sexy convertible Beetle and BMW 1 series. That 1 series I know is made from the Maisto brand.

    @French_custom_hw – Instagram's Aventador J customs look amazing. I bet loving that red on the far left with the Trap5 wheels.

    Alfred Lam Hc's LaFerrari there with Trap5's in red looks close to French custom hw's Aventador J. That Veneno looks beautiful as well.

    And don't forget, the last, 10 year old Jake's Porsche looks colorful in bright rainbows. But it's a weird custom.

    So I think that's all it. I'm chaping closed now I'll pick up the pack pace later!

  3. vegask8custom, your forward control Chevy pickup has me drooling. I love that vehicle!
    mrsenctvt, the wood paneling is impressive.
    There are so many others, I can't comment on all that I like, but those two were standouts to me.

  4. Thank you. I've always been a fan of old American classics like this Cord. Although Hot Wheels has a done a good job with classics, think they could've done better with this one. Thanks again.

  5. you do a good job putting this together. thx. the rest of this blog is good from time to time, but I think you take about 5 more pics than you need to every single time. keep up the good work. just take less pics

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