In Her Majesty’s Secret Service: The Hot Wheels James Bond Aston Martin 1963 DB5 and DBS…

There is absolutely no reason to explain the importance of Aston Martin to James Bond.  Bond is cool, but that is for another blog.  We don’t even need to go into how cool Bond’s cars are.  That goes without saying.

All we need to do today is show both Aston Martins that Hot Wheels has just released at the exact same time, both 007-themed.

We have said it before, but now is a great time to say it again.  While the nostalgic factor of these entertainment-themed cars is fun on some level, it is more the cars themselves that pique our interest. Thank goodness there have been a lot of cool cars featured in television and movies, and Mattel has a deep well-full of go-to autos for the Retro Entertainment and basic lines.  However these castings get made, having the models themselves is what makes these great.

So with that, here are two fantastic Aston Martins, one classic and one current, that have both been featured in James Bond movies.  The DB5 will be part of the Retro Entertainment line, but that treatment comes later.  Right now it is really just a recolor of the original DB5, released earlier this year in British Racing Green.  While BRG is a signature British color, silver might be the signature DB5 color, so at this point it is our favorite of the two.

The DBS gets the premium treatment for the first time, which frankly does not happen to supercars that often.  That is nice.  Metal base and real riders, and it looks great.  It may not have the classic lines of the DB5, but as far as current cars go, the DBS is as pretty as it gets, and Hot Wheels did it right with this one.

So celebrate the Bondishness of these two, or don’t.  What we hopefully agree on is the fact that these are two beautiful models, and hopefully you will find a way to add both to your collection…

(Find both Astons at Wheel Collectors…)

Hot Wheels Aston Martin 1963 DB5 (2014 Mainline) & DBS (2014 Retro Entertainment):

Aston Martin 1963 DB5

Aston Martin DBS

4 Replies to “In Her Majesty’s Secret Service: The Hot Wheels James Bond Aston Martin 1963 DB5 and DBS…”

  1. 007 time! Today is the day!

    Okay, let's get started. So the 2 Astons. Let's start with the Goldfinger DB5. Bother, eh? I think it looks very neat now. From the start to a movie star. Just like a pill.

    And it's very interesting. The DB5- Hot Wheels puts on the light tempos, wording tempos, and the logo tempos. Killer! It is actually a stunning brave fighting machine this DB5 thing. It says to god- “I am a brave little car that fights through with James Bond, who calls me my man, plays towards crazy stucked people going on against us 2…” James Bond… ringing in my head. Anyways, moving on.

    Now for MY favorite part- behold the Aston DBS. Hot Wheels would have instead mad the DB9 in there instead as well. But also, this is a pretty good choice for the James Bond supercar, in the movie.

    But I still wish- WHERE ARE THE REAR LIGHT TEMPOS ON THE DBS???!!! Very doomed in boo!

    I yet think that still reminds me of the Hot Wheels Nissan 370Z, almost alike like this, the Aston DBS. But still, could be worse.

    So that is all it! I'll be picking up these ladies as soon as I see them on the pegs. Yaps!

  2. These two define “cool”! Seriously! I going to dig the DB5. Sadly, we don't get this premium line so no DBS for me. Anywa, what I would like now is for HW to reverse the models, that is turn this DBS into a mainline and the DB5 is getting the premium treatment anyways.

    – Black Wind

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