First Look: Hot Wheels HW Road Trippin’ ’83 Chevy Silverado…

This was a little surprise.

While many of us were frantically hitting the stores to find the ’83 Silverado Super Treasure Hunt, Hot Wheels quietly released another Silverado in the Walmart Exclusive Road Trippin line.

The Road Trippin line hasn’t been talked about too much, probably because there is no chase in the lineup, and as we know collectors love their chase models.  It is also the third incarnation of the Walmart sets that sit right next to the main line pegs.  We had the Decades models (pretty good), Jukebox (pretty bad), and now the Road Trippin.

At first glance, the themed models with the wordy deco on them doesn’t do much for a collector like me.  But then you see the roads that Mattel has chosen to be celebrated in this set, and you start to come around.

If you haven’t looked up the roads, you should.  You might be near one of them.  Or you might need to take a trip and drive one of them.

And that is one of the reasons I like this Silverado.  It is one of my favorite pickup castings, so leaving it behind was not an option.  The other reason is because it represents the amazing Highway 1 at Big Sur.  If you haven’t driven Hwy 1 from Monterry through Big Sur and back, you really should. And the secret?  Stop at Pfeiffer Beach.  You will not be disappointed.

So if you can’t make it to California tomorrow to hit Big Sur, you can go grab one of the Silverados, if you can find it.  So far it is being gobbled up by those that encounter it on the pegs.  There is always ebay.

Hot Wheels ’83 Chevy Silverado (2014 HW Road Trippin’):

All three 2014 releases:

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