First Look: Hot Wheels Fiat 500 in white…

Recolors are cool.  We are always happy to see second versions of the castings we like, no matter what the color.  But there are times when a recolor is so good, and upstages the first color so badly, that it is almost like a do-over of the model’s debut.

And that is exactly the case with the Fiat 500.  Designer Ryu Asada’s little happy creation looked nice in red, but it ravishes in white.  Accent it with a burgundy interior, and you have one of the great debut models of 2014.

You get a better idea of how nice this casting is.  Hot Wheels collectors are getting more and more familiar with Ryu’s work, after coming over from Matchbox last year.  There have been many Hot Wheels models that have that “Matchbox realism” feeling to them, with realistic ratios, intricate details, and side mirrors.  That was one of Ryu’s strengths at Matchbox, and he has clearly brought it over to blue.  The Civic EF showcases it best, but so does the Fiat.  And we know there are many more to come.

But let’s ogle over the Fiat for awhile.  You customizers are probably thinking turning this version into an Abarth should be easy, and we agree.  The pearl white is very sharp, and showcases how sporty the little Fiat really is.  It even makes the dreaded Y5 wheels look nice.

We imagine this model won’t be as hard to find as the red version ended up being, as it will probably carry through at least a second batch, as recolors usually do.  Good thing, because the white will end up being the model to have…

Hot Wheels Fiat 500 (2014 New Model):

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  1. Just brilliant! This has to be one of the best models of 2014. Ryu has done a great job. Although I prefer the more “elegant” look of the red, I cannot deny that this white looks fantastic. And your photos do justice to this model very well. So TY for that. I'm definitely going to pick this up.

    – Black Wind.

  2. FYI, we should all like the white one better than the red because of the red interior, we can now see the swell head light and rear light tempos better, and agreeing with you John, looks very stunning, ravishes in white, very like an angel suit, very lovely. Beautiful! Everything's all fine on this little thang.


  3. Really nice model anyway but fantastic in white. In the UK a good 50% must be in white' its a colour that suits it. Really quite a popular car here. The two air (twin cylinder) version even sounds a little similar to the original. Looking forward to finding this one.

  4. I dislike how much detail is put into a model that is as boring as this is to me. I was blown away at how much detail went into making this fiat, ( has side mirrors, tampos for all the lights on the car, all the trim). for example take the skylines and 510s and 240z cars, they either have headlights or tail lights, almost never both on a mainline, and lack of side mirrors on any of the old datsuns make them not as nice as most tomica cars in the same scale. I wish Hotwheels would pay as much attention to detail on all their cars as they do this dinky little fiat.

  5. Why would you say such a stupid thing about the Fiat? This is a fav here, most of us like it. We all say this is a fantastic little Italian car. So shut up about the stupid things you just said.

  6. I don't care if it is a fav here. My point was simple, Hotwheels makes so many cars that are much cooler than a Fiat. Like I stated that is just my opinion but the point is that quality is not consistent, whats next a Toyota Prius/ AMG Smart Car super treasure hunt? Followed by a hello kitty edition new beetle? I only said positive things about the craftsmanship of the ” fantastic Italian car” that is posted above. I am pretty sure the cars I used as examples are far more lusted after by enthusiast and collectors than a Fiat, and they didn't get the attention to detail that the Fiat did. I am only guessing that is has something to do with the licensing agreement between Fiat and Mattel.

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