The Lamley Sale at Wheel Collectors just got insane…

The last Lamley Sale at Wheel Collectors was a smashing success.  We have watched as many of you took advantage of the sale and bought many models you may have missed, or a stash of wheel donors for your customs, or just to buy some new sets.

The prices have been fantastic, and we have been thrilled to help Wheel Collectors get the word out.  They have been Lamley supporters since the blog’s infancy, and in out humble opinion there is no seller out there better at helping you fill those holes in your collection.

But now it just got crazy.

Wheel Collectors has decided to more than DOUBLE the amount of cars available in the Lamley Sale.  And these are not run-of-the-mill pegwarmers.  These are all premium Hot Wheels models, and most are cheaper than what you can find in the store (if they are even still in the store).

There are a few that actually are finding a little hard to believe they added, like the very-popular ’83 Silverado 4×4 from the Off-Road Series, the Boulevard Ford GT LM and Subaru BRAT, among others.  You can see all the models available here:

The Lamley Sale at Wheel Collectors

So go grab what you can, and if we have one suggestion, buy in bulk.  Wheel Collectors combined shipping rates are second to none, and you won’t see these prices on these models in the future.

And customizers?  Is there a better opportunity to get those wheels you need for your next project?  Probably not.

Have fun everyone…