Cool Classics Update: Final two batches apparently coming in 2015…

We caused quite a stir yesterday when we asked if Hot Wheels is killing the Cool Classics line, thus eliminating models many of us were looking up to, including the Datsun 510, Datsun 240Z, Ford GT, Hurst Olds, Subaru BRAT, and Honda S2000.

Since then we have gotten some news from a Mattel insider, stating that those last two batches are still slated to be released, but as part of the “Heritage Line” in 2015.  We have no idea what the Heritage Line is, but if it means we will see these models, we are all for it.

So maybe collectors can relax.  Of course, making these last two batches 2015 models could mean big box stores won’t want them, and we could see these go the way of other Boulevard, Vintage Racing, and Flying Customs models, becoming dealer and discount store exclusives.  But maybe not.

Yes, maybe we have to go through dealers, or maybe hit TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning stores, but as long as they are made and released we won’t complain.  Too much.

Feeling better?

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  1. “Heritage Line” sounds intriguing. I'm going to go way out on a limb with speculation, but that sounds like a new line meant to pay tribute to past lines. Could it mean that that tribute could also include other adult lines that got overlooked and cut early? How awesome would it be if they did a whole series of cars based on models cut from other lines. Along with the cool classics they could have the vintage racing models that were axed like the Shelby 2000gt and the Speed Machines Alfa 8c. Probably a pipe dream, but throw out the word heritage and it makes me think.

  2. no that doesn't make me feel better..don't have those stores here and does heritage mean no spectrafrost????

  3. Until the 10 cars are seen online and/or are in my hands, I will not feel better, lol.

    Still, it's hope. Especially since I have plans for extras of the BRAT, Hurst Olds and '10 Shelby Super Snake involving wheel and/or base swaps.


  4. Wouldn't it be something if the line ends up being a line of “what should have been” releases? Wouldn't that be amazing? Last two colorways of Larry's Garage '67 GTO, the flamed '57 Buick from Ultra Hots, some of the lost Street Show and Real Riders series releases, at minimum the Turbo Mustang, '65 Mustang coupe, '70 Torino and '82 Supra from Flying Customs, the '79 Ford F-150 and Old Number 5.5 from Hot Ones, maybe even some of the canned SCCA and Rally mixes from Racing?

    Now THAT would be a series people would flock over.


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