Lamley News: Don’t miss the "Lamley Sale" on Hot Wheels Real Rider Models at Wheel Collectors…

We are very excited to be a part of this sale…

Our friends at Wheel Collectors want to clear out some of their inventory, and thought there would be no better way than to offer a huge sale to Lamley readers.  And this is huge.

Matt and the gang have picked a slew of models to put on sale, all at prices cheaper than retail, many UNDER $2.00 each.  There are Boulevard (the good Boulevard), Retro Entertainment, and Vintage Racing all on sale.  And here is the thing.  They are all worth collecting.  Follow the link below to see what is available:

Wheel Collectors’ Lamley Real Riders Sale

We all have models that we regret passing on, that are now way too expensive to get.  I personally have a huge list of models I wish I would have bought when they were cheaper.  With that in mind, there are a ton of models here could very well be the next sought-after model once things dry up.

Like the Vintage Racing Toyota Land Cruiser & Sand Blaster:

Or the Retro Entertainment Morris Mini in white:

Or the Boulevard Hurst Olds, Racing Chevelle, & Ford GT (a personal fave):

Or one of the most underrated models from the last few years, the Vintage Racing ’40 Ford Coupe in black.  This is a model no one will regret having once in hand:

There are quite a few more, and like we said, some are at or under $2 each.  Follow the link to check them out:

Wheel Collectors’ Lamley Real Riders Sale

Once these are gone, they are gone, so be sure to take advantage and get these models at these prices before you regret missing it.  We love sharing our favorite models with our readers, and we are always thankful when Wheel Collectors makes it easy for our readers to get those models.

Also, keep checking back, as more listings are bound to come…

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  1. Yep. Gotta gotta, just gotta get the Ford GT, Sandblaster, Ford Bronco, and the retro Morris Mini. Zip.

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