Cool is Cool is Cool: Hot Wheels ’83 Chevy Silverado, Part 1 – 2014 Super Treasure Hunt…

Sometimes you are a little late to the game on a model.

The prices on ebay indicate that there were A LOT of people late to the game on the Datsun 510, and thankfully we weren’t one of them.  The black 5-spoke version we acquired back then would be near impossible to get now.  If we had to predict, the First Editions of the R34 Skyline in grey and blue may be the next to be high on the “late to the game” list.  (Look at us, creating hype out of nothing.  Fun.)

But we have been severely late to game on several things.  Modern Classics come to mind.  I remember buying the Camaro Concept and Dodge Challenger, and leaving a whole lot of others I am scrambling to get now.  Vintage Racing?  Another line that I skipped on because of the $5 price point.  I bought two Datsuns thankfully, but left a slew of others.  At one point I finally bought the Vintage Racing ’71 AMC Javelin that I had passed on the pegs at a rural Kmart for over a year, and I am glad I did.

But we aren’t here to talk about those lines or models.  We are here to talk about the ’83 Chevy Silverado.  A model that has been enjoying quite the party, and we at Lamley only recently arrived.

Many of you who follow Lamley on Instagram have noticed we have been creating a small Silverado collection, with several packages arriving in the last couple of weeks.  That was on purpose, as we figured now was as good of a time as any to start the collection, considering the Silverado Super TH has just been released.

We have by no means created a complete collection of the Silverado, but we have most of the models we have been after.  With the ultra-rare Military and Fire Rods models out there, along with an RLC exclusive, we may never finish the collection, but that is ok.  We think we have a nice variety.

And since we want to show all of them off, one post would be far too long.  So we are dividing it into two.  We will start this morning with our photos of the just-released Super Treasure Hunt, along with its mainline counterpart.

Why is the Silverado one of our Cool is Cool is Cool models?  Easy.  It already has been.  It was part of our first CiCiC feature on classic red pickups, and we highlighted the Decades version from a few years ago.  Classic pickups, especially those from the 70’s and 80’s, are going to get our attention, so we are still baffled as to why we have been passing on the Silverado.  It has a great stance, simple detail, and was designed by Jun Imai.  Jun infuses car culture into his designs, and the Silverado is no exception.

For now, let’s concentrate on the Super TH.  It is interesting, because it seems the Silverado has been a signature Hot Wheels model for quite awhile now, that the Super marks only the third time the casting has sported Real Riders.  RLC, Slick Rides, and now.  It has enjoyed a few premium versions, but in basic wheel lines like Modern Classics, Decades, Holiday, and Police/Fire/Military Rods.  The basic version is also the first with PR5 wheels, which in our opinion work nicely.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy our pics of what is easily one of our Top 3 Supers for 2014 (nothing will beat the “Cool is Cool is Cool” legend that is the Greenwood Corvette, but that is for another time).

Hot Wheels ’83 Chevy Silverado (2014 Super Treasure Hunt & Mainline):

Coming later today, Cool is Cool is Cool, Part 2:

10 Replies to “Cool is Cool is Cool: Hot Wheels ’83 Chevy Silverado, Part 1 – 2014 Super Treasure Hunt…”

  1. That's right. That's now. That's Cool is Cool is Cool. That is the '83 Chevy Silverado. One of a kind pickup truck. That is Cool is Cool is Cool.

    Anyways, saying that and that and that, it looks really cool, and that stunning. Very my cup of tea.

  2. Technically, the truck itself has had Real Riders four times, if you count the massive 4×4 one from 2012's Racing Off Road mix. Such a sweet truck, and perfect for base swaps.

    I remember seeing this casting when they first started showing up, but on-line only. I thought it was really cool, but never really had the chance at getting one until it was in the 2011 HW Racing segment in the mainline. I've acquired more since of course, but still after most of the ones from before that first mainline appearance. It is a great casting indeed.


  3. Oh yea, and as a side note, even the RLC, Military Rods or Fire Rods won't be the hardest to locate of ones that were made and made it to the public. Late last year, it was realized that there was a green/antifreeze Modern Classics one, or at least one that was planned and some samples were made. One of these samples made it out and a member on HWC received it in a lot on eBay with several other premium line cars. HWC Van even chimed in with a reply showing an e-sheet of all the planned colors for the Modern Classics Silverado. Blue, black, yellow, chrome and gold were also planned. He mentioned that all of the cars in the line were planned to have 7 colorways. Unfortunately with the line being exclusive to Walmart and the faltering Classics series as it was at the time, the line was cut short and the cars never made it past two colorways, if the car even made it to the second color. A real shame, especially with the number of new castings in the line ('92 Mustang, '83 Silverado, '80 El Camino, Custom '07 Mustang, '67 Mustang “Eleanor” clone, '68 Olds 442, '70 Road Runner, '70 Nova, I think a few others I can't recall at the moment). The Silverado was one that never made it to the second color at retail, and this green/antifreeze one must have been the planned second color.

    My guess is that there must be some more of these samples out there.


  4. Now I remember, the '70 Torino and '77 Firebird also debuted in the Modern Classics.

    As of now, the '70 Nova is the only casting that debuted in Modern Classics that hasn't seen a subsequent release.


  5. I have them all so far…fire, military and RLC. Even a loose FEP RLC w/ tinted windows and different country of origin. #2 on my favorite castings list after the Custom '62 Chevy truck.

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