Model of the Day: Hot Wheels multipack exclusive ’69 Camaro…

I am sure each of you reading this has seen this model, most likely in person.  I am sure many of you actually own it.

I have been debating buying this model for some time, but couldn’t justify the $10 cost to get one in a 9-pack.  So I figured the time would come when there would be a 9-pack with some vari or something that I really wanted, and hopefully the Camaro would be in there.  It finally happened, when I found an OH5 RX-7, so I finally have the Camaro to photograph.

This casting has never been a fave.  I won’t disagree with anyone who makes the claim that the ’69 Camaro is one of the great American cars ever, I just don’t like this particular casting.  That is until this version came out.  Supers, convertibles, convertible Supers, Premiums, Toy Fair models be damned.  This model looks better than all of them.  Every single one.

So we decided to show it off.

Hot Wheels ’69 Camaro (2014 multipack exclusive):

10 Replies to “Model of the Day: Hot Wheels multipack exclusive ’69 Camaro…”

  1. Now picture this: base swap with the Flying Customs release of the same casting. Big meaty BW wheels.

    Mouth watering yet? 😀


  2. I just only “liked” this casting. But I never “loved” it because it just sat too high for my taste. But right here, it looks good with this color and lack of deco. My favorite version however, is the metallic burgundy with the white racing stripes, which is the one I actually have.

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