As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending April 12, 2014…

Our latest “As is” yet, but hopefully you won’t complain…


@eastmoe – Instagram

Shawn Sawyer

@78toy4dr – Instagram

Douglas Cheung

Leo’s Trash Cars

@papichulocustoms – Instagram

@actionfigurecomics – Instagram

@Artflores_8405 – Instagram

@joel2454 – Instagram

@den2don – Instagram

@HWCwheels – Instagram

Mi777ke777 – HWC

João Bertho Biaggi

Rizqi Adikarta

@lil305garage – Instagram

@towiilopez – Instagram

@i_d_r – Instagram

Agung Van Budi

@mrSenCTVT – Instagram

@minh427 – Instagram

@karradv – Instagram

@moe_fp_bmcrew – Instagram

Custom Diecast

@chipzcustoms – Instagram

@Gosukeomori – Instagram

Dwi Penthol

Gil Siegfried


@rodrigo32 – Instagram


Rudy Mulyawan Mardhany

Apis Bbstc

Ant Higham

Relle Customs

20 Replies to “As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending April 12, 2014…”

  1. Their all great the only complaint I would have is its like lookin thru the pegs. Same castings different colors. Ggreat stuff though.

  2. As a photographer myself, the photos of the Hot Wheels Hare Splitter by “@i_d_r – Instagram” are without a doubt the best here this week. Being partial to VW's and that casting as perhaps my favorite vintage HW casting, I am a big fan! Nice choice with the brown paint!

  3. Easymoe has some nice pieces goin' on. I can dig using a different type of “backdrop” for the shoot, but showing off these clean examples with a simpler backround would compliment them a whole lot more.
    I really, really liked the Gulf Fiat, Triumph and RX7's. Nice work!

  4. Sorry for the tardiness on commenting for this John, but particullarly the customs are great, great, great! Clever!

    So we're gonn' do it different. We're going to list it specific- from my very favorite to least.


    Okay, Imma go.

    1st- @karradv – Instagram's blue Viper looks terrific!
    2nd- That black Subaru is like a bandit refletction at night! Very cool!
    3rd- That Gulf livery Fiat 500 looks stunning.
    4th- The teal green Ferrari 250 looks fantastic!
    5th- The Falken Tires livery Toyota Supra with Goodyear tires look awesome!
    6th- Douglas Cheung's LaFerrari (F70) looks like a racer. The tampo may not look that good, but it's on of a kind!

    That's only all it! Now this is just a day of customs. I need more impressing…

  5. Oooooooo this week was amazing. Several great customs, some sick detailing in many of them, several with custom tampos, and those chopped tops rule. Great week, people.

    Eh, Custom Diecast México needs to chime in again in these features… freaking time…

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