So is there another Fast & Furious line coming?

Evidence is mounting that something Fast & Furious-related is coming to Hot Wheels.  We don’t know if it will be in the form of another special line, or if it will be integrated into the mainline, but something is in fact coming.

We now have better pics of the upcoming Ford Gran Torino Sport in green, and while we initially thought it was just a recolor of the 2011 First Edition, it actually is a new, fresh deco:

And it looks amazing.  Now why do we think it is part of a Fast & Furious set?  First, it looks exactly like the Torino driven by Fenix in the 4th (?) movie.  (Hopefully I got that right.  I was lambasted for getting the driver wrong the last time I reported on this model.)

Second, we have seen images of the Hot Wheels R34 Skyline with the exact same deco as the Fast & Furious R34 released last year.  Silver with blue striping.  Only this one is the modified casting with the metal spoiler.  Last year’s R34 had the plastic spoiler.  So that is coming as well, we just don’t know where.

It could possibly be that a second F&F line was already in the process of being made for the 7th F&F, which was set to be released this year until the tragic death of Paul Walker.  The models then could be integrated into the mainline, or released as a special edition anyway.  Nonetheless, something is coming.

Will it be many of the same models as last year, with a few additions like the Torino?  We have no idea, but there are plenty of possibilities, including the Hakosuka Skyline used in the 5th movie.

We will wait and see, but one way or the other, we are very excited to see another nice, clean version of the Gran Torino on its way…

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  1. I'm hoping to see the WRX. Could also see the 70 Monte Carlo and DK's 350Z from Tokyo Drift, the '70 Chevelle done in red instead of gray primer, the EVO and Eclipse from 2, the Evo from 3. And didn't Vince drive a Silvia in the first one? Oh yea, and the blue and orange Silvia from Tokyo Drift, hehe


  2. The Torino is the only one to be shown, eh? What else could there be? I would like to see the Honda Civic Si (2006), a Jeep, Corvette ZR1 (2009), Nissan Silvia, WRX, R34 Skyline, GranTurismo, Mazda Furai, Lamborghini Aventador, BMW M3 (2011).

  3. Now you're correct! This Torino was driven by Fenix in Fast & Furious, the 4th one. And the metal spoilered R34 you talking about? It might be in the same seat as with the Cool Classics Kenmeri with the two interiors we saw some time back. The new casting may be was to be used in the same line-up but the modification came out late but they did it anyway. In the end, its just a theory. I'm not being sure. Other cars I would like to see in the line-up (if it happens at all) would be the silver/black Subaru WRX and the plain blue R34 from the 4th movie, the Tokyo Drift VeilSide RX-7 done on the 24/7, the two Mitsubishi's from 2F2F and if possible the red Ford Lightning from the first movie. But thats just a wishlist. Let's wait and see what Hot Wheels comes up with! We might (or might not) be in with a surprise!

    – Black Wind.

  4. This model has got VERY similar looking rims as the FF4 Torino, which further adds curiosity… The Tokyo Drift RX-7 really needs to be made. Also the blue Skyline from the 4th would be nice to put next to the already existing grey Chevelle. So many cars that would be so nice to see, not one more than another…

  5. They need to add the 70 Plymouth road runner or “the hammer” as it is called from the end of Tokyo drift even if it was a cameo appearance by Vin Diesel. Maybe the blue Nissan r 34 from the end of fast 6 in the driveway of the tore to residence too

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