Lamley News: The three j-tin Cool Classics unveiled by Mattel at Nationals…

A quick pop-in here late on Saturday night to let you know of a few tidbits from the Hot Wheels Nationals Convention in Illinois this weekend.

During the Saturday evening dinner, Mattel will preview some upcoming models, and there were a few that surely had the audience oooooing and ahhhhhing.  But there were three in particular that interested us here at Lamley, and thanks to our friend John Falk, we have the images.  They are all from the Cool Classics line, and we are very happy with all three:

Datsun Bluebird 510

Honda S2000

Subaru BRAT

The Cool Classics line continues to come into its own, and these three models are great examples of that.  The Cool Classic wheels, designed by Jun Imai, are perfect for the 510, and that is bound to be a very popular model.  Ryu Asada’s S2000 is also a popular model, and we are quite fond of the Cool is Cool is Cool Subaru BRAT.

What do you think?  Are you in on these?

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  1. The slot wheels look awesome on the BRAT and maybe as well on the Bluebird. Now the S2000 on the other hand.. not so cool – unless you can dig a retro theme on a late model like the Honda, can't say it works well.
    As far as the BRAT and Bluebird, will they be a hot collector choice like previous mainline models? Will these two models garner a decent amount of votes in the popularity department?
    I think the BRAT appears to be red in the above photo and looks good in that shade. I still believe the Hot Ones orange casting with those funky tampos is still a winner(if i could just get one reasonably priced).
    As usual, have to wait and see them in person to give final judgement!

  2. My picks? I'm into the Bluebird and the Honda 2000 because of their some-gold color.

    But anyway, I'm still not getting any version (even this version) of the Subaru rat. It was a shame in orange! But let me tell you one thing.

    Since the Subaru BRAT debuted in the Hot ones line, I felt like an idiot. Just because it was like it was cool, I wanted to see Hot Wheels instead put a swamp livery. Just like that. So not even close to doing it yet, because aao so far, no swamp livery yet. It has to feel like a rally thing. It is a related Holden maloo pickup, so it should be a relative of that. A swamp cousin and a X-driver. Does anyone get that?

    Now, before ending, what else is going to be said about the other two? Well, now, the Datsun is an absolutely stunning muchine with some beauty gold on it. And so as the Honda S2000. with some more beauty as much as that Dats. And that's all it.

    Thanks for the post, John!

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