Lamley News: New multipack version of the ’72 Ford Gran Torino Sport is out…

UPDATE: We were told this was found in a multipack, but could this be a new Fast & Furious model?  It looks an awful lot like Letty’s Torino, as was pointed out by a reader.  We have heard rumors of the new metal spoiler R34 Skyline in the same livery as the FF R34 last year, so we are now wondering.  Thoughts?

How much do you love Hot Wheels’ approach to multipack models?  Gift packs used to be 10 cars, 9 of which were standard mainlines, with one exclusive.  If you liked the exclusive, you might pick up the pack.  The other nine models didn’t give you too many reasons to pick it up.

But that has changed.  Gift packs still contain the special exclusive, but among the other models are many other multipack exclusive cars.  And while some are non-licensed, many are bonus recolors of previous licensed models.  The list of multipack exclusive models is now extensive, and many get a new color each year.

Well we have another that at least those of us at Lamley are pretty excited about.  Someone at Mattel must share the same passion that we have for the ’72 Ford Gran Torino Sport.  It is our favorite muscle casting, and it has been everywhere since its debut in 2011.

Let’s review:

2011 – 3 colors
2012 – 3 colors (one Walmart exclusive), Kroger exclusive Super Speeders
2013 – 2 colors, one Super TH, one RLC exclusive
2014 – 2 colors

That comes out to 13 different versions in four years.  And we happily have collected them all.

There is now a 14th, and it is a fifth color of the 2011 New Models version.  To refresh your memory, here are the three colors from 2011 and the fourth color from the 2012 Super Speeders line:

Here is the fifth, now found in multipacks:

Different wheels, and no “Gran Torino” on the side stripe, but the rest is the same.  Once we find it, it’s going into the collection.  Even if we have to pay $10 to get it…

8 Replies to “Lamley News: New multipack version of the ’72 Ford Gran Torino Sport is out…”

  1. Obviously this is not the thing I expected. Seriously? A Ford Gran Torino Sport in green with J5's? I was going to look for a yellow, with white lipped MC5's. That's so stupid that never gets to happen yet.

  2. Fenix had the Torino, Petty was driving the Road Runner (actually a Satellite custom, called Hammer I believe) that Fenix wrecked with his Torino.

    Hope to find that one!


  3. The Torino belonged to Fenix, not Letty. I have no idea where you got that from but you're wrong. And any hardcore F&F fan will be able to tell this in seconds so its pretty obvious. Also FYI, this will be the first 'bad guy' car if its related to a F&F set at all.

    – Black Wind.

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