First Look: Larry Wood’s latest, the Hot Wheels Screamliner (plus a few shots of the Twin Mill)…

Many Hot Wheels folks get excited whenever a new Larry Wood design hits the pegs, and here is another.  While we weren’t too keen on the Mig Rig, the art deco Screamliner is a very cool model.

But to quote Levar Burton, you don’t have to take our word for it.  All you have to do is read HWC’s article on the Screamliner.  Hopefully reading what Larry Wood put behind it will help you appreciate it, especially if art deco style is not your thing.

So read the article, and enjoy our pics.  And when you are done, you can take a gander at the other green model from this batch, the Twin Mill.  We know it is Hot Wheels royalty, so out of respect to that, we won’t say a word about it.


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Hot Wheels Screamliner (2014 New Models):

9 Replies to “First Look: Larry Wood’s latest, the Hot Wheels Screamliner (plus a few shots of the Twin Mill)…”

  1. I count my sides, to me I'm not a fan of this. There are some turkey parts on it. I just can't stand if it's my choice.

  2. Pretty nice. A little outrageous, but it definitely has that Art Deco vibe. Hot Wheels ought to think about making more models from the 20's and 30's. Too bad they Final Runned a lot of the ones they already had.

  3. My only gripe about it is that fin on the back. Outside of that, I really like it.

    And of course I love the Twin Mill 😀


  4. I also thought of the Talbot Lago. That's a casting I miss seeing in the lineup, but at least I have one of the white ones with the nice whitewall BWs.


  5. this car is an 1925 Rolls Royce phantom 1 jonckheere coupe. He didn´t design anything. just make some changes in the headlights and enlarged the fin.

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