Just Announced: Hot Wheels Toys R Us Mail-In Exclusive ’88 Jeep Wagoneer…

This may not have the stop-in-your-tracks impact that the RLC Toyota 2000GT announcement had, but this is another announcement we are pretty happy about.

Mattel has given RLC members a little sneak peak of a model to come, and this time it is the Toys R Us Mail-In promotional model, and it is the fantastic ’88 Jeep Wagoneer that was released last year in the Boulevard line.  Once again, we will adhere to Mattel’s request that we not show their images (they are for RLC members only), but just imagine this model:

…with this deco (and a #4 instead of a #1):

The model looks fantastic.  The rims are the same on the Wagoneer pictured above, only red, like the Chevelle.  We are loving that Hot Wheels is branching out in the models they use for promotions.  We really liked the Chevelle, are ok with the ’69 Camaro, but LOVE the Wagoneer.  There are still two models to be unveiled, and we are excited to see what they are.

We don’t know the details of the promotion, but we assume it involves buying 20 models and sending in receipts and card backs.  We haven’t participated in the TRU promotion before, but we surely will now.

Who’s in?

6 Replies to “Just Announced: Hot Wheels Toys R Us Mail-In Exclusive ’88 Jeep Wagoneer…”

  1. American to american, just the Chevelle and Wagoneer only? I bet Hot Wheels could make cooler, more intresting stuff in the future or now that everyone is likely mostly cheering up, like the Brazilian '74 Dodge Charger (Dart), '70 Chevelle, '55 Gasser Bel Air, or some Japanese stuff, 2000GT, '70 Celica, '90 Civic EF.

  2. American cars are getting kind of old in the hot wheels line. I would love to see the Honda civic si and the Nissan skyline r34 in hot wheels mail ins.

  3. I noted some japanese models such as the 2000GT, '70 Celica, '90 Civic EF. The three americans aren't old models. The two Chevys were new since last year in 2013. The Brazilian Charger was new for 2014, in the D case, and a recolor in the H case.

    If you weren't following, these american and japanese models I listed are popular (including the american cars), because like I said in my comment, they're likely intresting to everyone, and so as me. Do you get it now?

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