A Tale of Three: Kyosho Ferrari LaFerrari, F12 Berlinetta, and 599GTO in black…

Hot Wheels Batch H has arrived at the Lamley offices, but alas, I am traveling here:

I will return this evening, so First Looks start tomorrow.  In the meantime, we thought it a good day to jump into a few of the latest Kyosho models.  Traveling means little time for typing, so we will let the photos do the talking.

First up, we wanted to showcase a few Ferraris out of the latest Ferrari Series from Kyosho, Series 9. We are fans of black cars, and love how they display, so we ordered three black Ferraris from Daboxtoys – the LaFerrari, F12 Berlinetta, and 599 GTO.  We already showcased the LaFerrari alongside the Hot Wheels version, but here it is next to the other two black models we ordered.

As is typical with 1:64 Kyosho, these models are fantastic.  Enjoy the pics, including the comparison photos of the 599 GTO with its 599XX counterpart, released by Kyosho in Series 8.  And as always, the Ferrari Series as well as many other Kyoshos are available at Daboxtoys

3 Replies to “A Tale of Three: Kyosho Ferrari LaFerrari, F12 Berlinetta, and 599GTO in black…”

  1. Since I like Ferraris, I say these all look great.

    And while the LaFerrari is my favorite Ferrari car every single Ferrari, I'd keep it the king of my whole collection.

    The F12Birlinetta, another italian machine. I could say the same if I do hear, I'll take two for those in my stores.

    599GTO, I love it with great styled black-grey wheels, but one thing could have also sting the car, KYOSHO SHOULD HAVE ADDED CARBON FIBER ON THE 599GTO!!!
    Well, if the Ferrari company should have done that in reall life, it could have made him better. So dirty.

  2. Very nice! A Ferrari of a different color is good every now and then. I'm a very proud Ferraristi, but I can't stand how some people say that every Ferrari should be red. That is outright ignorance.

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