The 11th Hot Wheels Super TH has been unveiled, and it’s a doozy…

This has been a decent year for Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunts, but we have been waiting for that home run.  It’s here.
There have been some rumors of some doozies on their way, and the first has been unveiled.  We are sure our friends at our favorite Brazilian blog will have images soon, but we would rather you guess.
It is easily one of our favorite models from the last three years, and we have hyped it plenty here on Lamley.  It is unapologetically 70’s, with the automotive equivalent of tight bellbottom slacks and a jaw-dropping perm.  The Super has it in era-appropriate duds, and I could not be more excited…
With our hints and a very obvious photo, can you figure out what it is?

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  1. I think I am going to agree. Makes sense because the first recolor of the Brazilian Charger will be appearing soon, looks pretty good since I spotted 2-3 yesterday in the 9-car gift packs.

  2. Poo is on the way, so yes, maybe I will agree with that guess too. Well if it's wrong, among all of us probably get the wrong answer.

  3. Oh no. Will it be a fantasy car? I hope not. But anyway, I have three guesses: Either it could be a Ferrari F12M, Ford GT, or a COPO Corvette.

    So it's obviously weird to guess what'll be the 11th $uper. It doesn't look familiar to any model I notice. But my three guesses will probably be might be wrong.

  4. Nop. Not even close. Please visit the blog T hunted. There's no white stripes. Yellow stripes. And the new color of the Brazilian Charger will hit the upcoming H case which will be the next batch.

    And the 11th case is the L case, so that Brazilian Charger is not in the L case. So I repeat from the previous sentence, IT'S IN THE H CASE.

    So am I right? Again, check out the blog, T hunted.

  5. GREENWOOD is correct. You've got a check mark. And you could do a shoutout with the answer.

    Can I ask too, did you get the answer from T hunted already?

  6. No, I posted that before I even knew t-hunted had the pic. I could tell what it was by the casting's lines (where the widened fender ends compared to the rear of the car, and how narrow the rear window was) and the clues John gave confirmed it.


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