Just Unveiled: 2014 Hot Wheels Porsche 993 GT2 in matte white…

On several occasions I have been asked to rank my favorite Hot Wheels castings.  First off, impossible.  But if I were to try and come up with a Top 5, it would start with these 5 castings (in no particular order):

  1. Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-R Kenmeri
  2. Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X Hakosuka
  3. Toyota 2000GT
  4. ’92 BMW E30 M3
  5. Porsche 993 GT2
Of course, the Datsun 620, 510, and 510 Wagon would be knocking to get in, as would the R34, Gran Torino Sport, and the BMW 2002.  And they might.  It is really hard to pick a favorite.
But let’s focus on that Porsche.  Learning that the 993 GT2 casting was created for the Boulevard line in 2013 was a shock.  And that casting together with the slew of JDM and other classic German cars being released was proof that Hot Wheels was serious about doing some truly exciting models.  If a Datsun Wagon and E30 Bimmer weren’t enough, the 993 was the convincer.  And not just any 993, but the plastic fender wearing, rear-wheel drive GT2.  
And not just the GT2, but there are just enough slivers of evidence that this model is pointing East, sending a salute to the brilliance of Nakai-san and RWB.
If you need evidence, take a look at the red version of the 993 that Hot Wheels just released:
And then take a gander at RWB’s Yves Paiget:
Yes, I am smiling.
And now comes word of the recolor on the 993.  Let’s start with a look at another Rauh Welt creation, the RWB Bangkok:
And now enjoy this:

Yes, friends, those are images we found of the latest recolor of the 993, in matte white.  And it is fantastic.  White is a great choice, but matte white is a bold choice.  It shows off the fantastic detail of Jun Imai’s casting, and no one can argue with a white Porsche.  Like the First Edition Kenmeri Skyline from 2011, this white car sports gold rims, which interestingly match the RWB Bangkok as well, and look great paired with white.
It may not have a “Rauh Welt” emblazoned on the windshield, but we know what it is paying tribute to, and we love it.  We can’t wait to see it on the pegs soon…

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  1. That's one stunning jewel there. Plus, those gold J5's fit the 993 GT2. And blue tinted windows. Maybe this will be the part of my “Top of the line” collection.

    It could probably be a Kmart exclusive, or something exclusive. But please don't say this will be an excluive color!

  2. I will be hoarding those for sure. I would have gone with the gun metal color on those wheels, but thats what 9/64 bits are for. Next I'd love to see it in the same flat black as the '55 gasser and after that a blue lol

  3. Haha same, I rarely buy extras of any casting but I love the 993 (and any 911) and bought 5 extra of the Boulevard 993. I really had to resist buying another one for $4 when I ran across one today…

  4. Usually I would agree but unlike dark blue windows shared with a police lightbar when Mattel cheaps out on the design, I think the light blue is realistic enough. Perhaps rarely seen on Porsches, enough Mercedes-Benz models & VW Golf R32s from the early 00's with light blue tinted windows optioned from the factory are around to make it a feasible feature for a German car.

    While I'm a classic Matchbox licensed car devotee and I don't want to encourage defacing a perfect Porsche casting, it might be interesting to see light yellow windows on this casting against black paint; particularly so the headlights would be yellow like a proper GT2 race car! 😀 Thoughts fellow collectors?

  5. @Anonymous: Actually, you're right. It does not look totally out of place. Its just that I'm a hardcore fan of clear windows, and I like to have my cars as realistic and stock as possible, hence me preferring the red over white. Now you say some German cars came with factory-optioned blue windows. I will look into it! And actually, now that I've come to think of it, this car does look good. And over time, it may grow on me. Let's see. And that black-yellow combination will be interesting.

    – Black Wind

  6. Guys, this is BIG NEWS, especially for you John. Please don't ignore this comment. I was doing some research on this when I found out that what you told about this car trying to replicate the RWB is wrong. Yes, this is a special GT2, but no, it is not pointing to the east. It is not a salute to RWB. It may be a reference, but definitely not an immitation. What this is, is a 993 GT2 Evo, an even hardcore version of the already mental GT2, designed for the GT1 catagory. You can tell from the bolts on the hood, the black hood scoop and taller rear spoiler than the normal GT2. This also explains the presence of the light blue tinted windows (yes, they are like that on the real car) and the gold wheels. So Hot Wheels has nailed it yet again! Pictures of the GT2 Evo are hard-to-find and I was only able to find one legit pic :- http://img818.imageshack.us/img818/7599/porsche993gt2evo1.jpg

    Another great model headed for my collection! Thank you guy above JChris for telling me about those blue windowed MBs and Golf R32s, otherwise I would never have done any research on them and ended up finding out about this Evo.

    – Black Wind.

  7. Ha, wow, that is insightful research indeed! So the model is in fact an EVO, that explains the unnaturally tall rear spoiler (as if the normal GT2 spoiler wasn't high enough) though still absolutely functional too!

    Glad I could provide some insight with my above comment regarding the blue windows… yet I didn't know about the GT2 Evo! and I call myself a Porsche enthusiast? Back to the encyclopedias I go!

  8. Yes, thank you indeed. And it seems Mr. John isn't moved by my research. Maybe he wasn't expecting this kind of research. But then, the fact that how he knew about the RWB and yet not about the Evo is beyond me.

    – Black Wind

  9. Patience Mr Wind. Your research did not go unnoticed. Quite a bit on the contrary. Remember we have yet to do our full feature on the white 993, and a certain Evo was bound to be mentioned.

    We rely a ton on the knowledge of our readers, and we have a big rule to not engage in a “who knows more” battle that so many car guys like to participate in. We would lose a lot. We only want to share the passion. If we did engage we might make mistakes like your 964 post yesterday lambasting us when it was the 934 all along, which you seem to be trying to make up for now.

    You are one of our favorite posters here on the blog, so keep it up, and look for a little love when we feature the white 993 later this month…

  10. Okay, I may have gone a bit too much with the flow but my intention was not to lambast you. I sincerely apologize if my language was harsh. I just wanted to make sure that the correct information and references are given in your posts so they will be more perfect! Thanks for understanding me, and I qill continue to post comments and share any useful information I may have. Also, remember that its your tasteful writing that draws us to your posts and make us comment on it. So keep up the good work!

    – Black Wind.

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